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Michael And Family
Michael And Family
September 25, 2019
Magnificent beach with stonemade scenery. Try it in the afternoon when its not so crouded.
August 13, 2019
One of the most beautiful beaches of Paros with rare rock formations that look like modern sculpture. Nice, shallow waters.
August 01, 2019
The most popular beach on the island of Paros! Don’t miss a cold drink or cocktail @on the rocks beach bar! Recommend also for a big variety of Greek and American plates, in case you get hungry!
May 30, 2019
Kolybithres is probably the most famous beach on the island because of their million year old granite rock formations that are part of a unique geology. Even though they can be reached by car or public transport, it is worth taking one of the retired fishing boats from the port of Naoussa that…
Despina & Michael
Despina & Michael
November 20, 2018
A must-see beach, with unique rock formations that resemble modern-art sculptures. Feel free to sunbath on the soft rocks and swim at the shallow waters of its numerous coves. Sandy areas offer umbrellas and sunbeds.

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“The Cave of Antiparos is among the most beautifuland most significant in the world; this because, in addition to being an enchanting natural site worth seeing, it is inextricably linked to the history of the area and generates great archaeological interest, owing to the findings from the Stone Age discovered in its interior. The engraved inscriptions that ‘adorn’ it are also an inexhaustible source of stories, legends and information concerning famous—and more anonymous—visitors, like a kind of guest book, whose first page was written hundreds of year before the birth of Christ. Stalactites and stalagmites, which change form according to the inspiration and imagination of the individual visitor, adorn the ‘Katafygi’ [shelter], as locals used to call the Cave. It is located some 171 metres above sea level, is precipitous, and its interior temperature in wintertime is at about 15 degrees Celsius. It has an area of approximately 5,600 square metres. Its maximum depth reaches some 85 metres and the descent takes place easily and securely, by way of a cement staircase made up of 411 steps. The exceptional visibility makes possible the observation of details created by ‘Nature, the artist’, and also permits the search for human presence from the times of the Parian poet Archilochus (c. 680 - c. 645 BC) up to the 20th century. The Cave is open for visits from April through October, its opening hours from 10:00-15:00 In winter months visits may be made upon arrangement with the Municipality of Antiparos. The admission ticket costs 5.00 euros. There is a 50% discount for children and those over 65 (2.50 euros).”
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“The church with the 99 openings established by St Helen and Constantine of Byzantium ”
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“This Traditional restaurant that sits right next to the small harbour of Naousa is one of the most famous and busy Seafood restaurants in Paros. Operating for more than 40 years.”
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Nature Preserve
“he Paros Park deserves a ‘top 10’ article by itself, as there are innumerable reasons why you should visit. The natural, unspoiled rock formations that are a great sample of Cycladic beauty are one. The walking paths that introduce you to the beautiful nature on the island all year round are another. If you visit during the summer you should definitely have a swim at the gorgeous beach of Monastiri (AiYannis), or watch a film for free under the stars at the open movie theater Cine Enastron. During the yearly festival of the Park (June-October) a number of jazz, classical music and traditional Greek concerts and fascinating cultural events also take place. The Cycladic monastery of Ai Yiannis Detis and the Museum of the Park with the permanent historic exhibition ‘The Island of Paros through the Russian cartography 1770-1774’ are also well worth a visit.”
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