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★Twin Room in Osaka City Center Shinsaibashi♪
Öll leigueining · 4 gestir · 2 rúm · 1 baðherbergi

★Twin Room in Osaka City Center Shinsaibashi♪Grand Open in Osaka City Center Shinsaibashi! 【Perfect location in Osaka City Center!】 Located just 5min from Nagahoribashi Station and 12min to Shinsaibashi Station in the heart of Osaka. Dotonbori , Namba, American Village and other famous spots are just within walking distance♪ 【Great for Long Stays】 To Supermarket...............a 4 minutes walk  To Convenience Store....a 2 minutes walk  To Drug Store....................a 3 minutes walk To Hospital.........................a 7 minutes walk

6504/5mins on foot Sakuragawa station/5people/502
Öll leigueining · 5 gestir · 2 rúm · 1 baðherbergi

6504/5mins on foot Sakuragawa station/5people/502Thank you for checking out the room. The recommend point is really close to Namba Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori on foot. Sakuragawa sta has 2 undergrounds and Hansin Namba line. It is really convenient. 【Easy transpotation to Osaka area from nerest station】 ★60mins by train from Kansai airport☆ ★30mins by train from USJ☆ ★10mins by walk to Minami downtown☆ 【Easy to go to anyspot in Osaka】 60mins by train from Kansai airoort 30mins by train to USJ ※I can speak Japanese,English,Chinese,Korean.

6506/5mins on foot Sakuragawa sta./5ppl/602
Öll leigueining · 5 gestir · 2 rúm · 1 baðherbergi

6506/5mins on foot Sakuragawa sta./5ppl/602Thank you for your inquiry!! My house in the area Naniwa-ku. From the nearest station you will access to Namba,Shinsaibashi,Nara,Kobe,Osaka dome,USJ. To Namba is one station! It is really in the center of the Namba area but is silent are. There is full room only for your stay! I have other rooms. Please check those too:)

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Osaka og aðrar frábærar orlofseignir

  1. Öll leigueining
  2. 大阪市此花区
9min to USJ★Kazemachi Gusa INN★Gov Approved
$50 á nótt
  1. Öll leigueining
  2. Chūō-ku, Osaka
$65 á nótt
  1. Öll íbúð (í einkaeigu)
  2. Nishi-ku, Osaka
Run of House Room♪Good access to USJ・Umeda・Namba★
$46 á nótt
  1. Öll leigueining
  2. Yodogawa Ward, Osaka
Check 'n Studio Apt. near Shin-Osaka, Osaka, Namba
$24 á nótt
  1. Öll leigueining
  2. Naniwa-ku, Osaka
Nipponbashi#505★Namba★Dotonbori★Kuromon★Free WIFI
$14 á nótt
  1. Öll íbúð (í einkaeigu)
  2. Kita-ku, Osaka
【NEW OPEN】3BHK★Close to Umeda/Namba/Kyoto★Wi-Fi
$45 á nótt
  1. Öll íbúðarhúsnæði
  2. Naniwa Ward, Osaka
Þakverönd með baði undir berum himni ★ Ókeypis ★ bílastæði 7 mínútna göngufjarlægð frá JR Namba ★ Dotonbori Station ★ Shinsaibashi ★ Ókeypis WiFi.
$96 á nótt
  1. Öll íbúðarhúsnæði
  2. Osaka
▪Opin sala▪ Nýbyggð, heil bygging IS-1
$55 á nótt
  1. Öll leigueining
  2. Chuo Ward, Osaka
AC52!最大15名パーティ可/メゾネット/switch/PopIn Aladdin/長堀橋5分
$114 á nótt
  1. Öll leigueining
  2. Osaka
LIFE HOUSE 谷町301 心斎橋 大阪城 デザイナーズ マンション
$20 á nótt
  1. Öll leigueining
  2. Naniwa-ku, Osaka
A2713/Near Namba station/Ninja room/family/802
$32 á nótt
  1. Öll leigueining
  2. Chūō-ku, Ōsaka-shi
$16 á nótt

Vinsælasta dægrastyttingin sem Osaka hefur upp á að bjóða

Einstök afþreying með sérfræðingum á staðnum sem hefur fengið vottun um gæði

  • Meditation with a Japanese Buddhist Monk
    "great for groups" "great for team-building" "contact me for a new date". In this online experience, I start by sharing about my meditation practice. Next, we’ll do two types of meditation together. First is a chanting mantra for 20 minutes. This type of meditation allows you to go deep into your practice. Next we will do a 10-minute breathing-out meditation. Afterwards, you’ll share your questions and reflections on the practice. I am also happy to offer other meditations, such as meditation with a candle or mirror, Qigong, Sutra copying, and counting meditation, one of the basic Zen practices. Other things to note You need to download Zoom onto your phone or computer before the experience starts.
    Frá Verð:$14 á mann
  • 大阪で忍者に変身!忍者体験
    大阪で有名な下町「新世界」やあべのハルカスなど観光名所が近くにある新今宮で体験を行います、近くには路面電車や神社もあります。体験は本格的な忍者衣装に着替えて忍者体験を行います。具体的には忍者が仕事をするのに必要な「心構え」、敵に会った時に戦うための「刀の持ち方・使い方」、隠し武器の「吹き矢」、忍者の武器として有名な「手裏剣の投げ方」を体験します。 忍者体験をするにあたり武器は本物に近いものを用意しています、刀は忍者刀と一般的な侍が使う刀の両方を準備、吹き矢はスポーツ用ではなく実際忍者が使用していた横笛を加工した物を使用、手裏剣は練習用のゴム製と鉄製の2つを用意しています。 また、私は忍者チームを持ちチームメンバーは日本の映画やテレビで用いられる殺陣(たて)を使ったアクションをするメンバーであり、実際、映画や舞台に出演しています。そのメンバーたちが行うの映画やテレビで使われる刀の使い方などを皆さんにも体験してもらいます。 忍者はスパイなので忍者になって大阪の楽しいところや面白い場所の情報を知ってください。また、余った時間はみんなで記念撮影を行い、一生の思い出になる一枚を撮影してください。 Other things to note Participants : People aged 4 and over 4才以上からご参加いただけます。 Training / 60 minutes 体験時間は約60分です。
    Frá Verð:$44 á mann
  • Japanese Bento Box for Lunch & Dinner
    We are so happy to introduce our favorite and most popular Japanese dish to you!! Japanese egg omelets (tamagoyaki) and chicken meat balls (tsukune) are easy to make, taste great and you’ll never get tired of eating them! The cooking flow includes 4 steps: 1. Make Japanese style egg omelets 2. Prepare teriyaki chicken meat-balls with home-made teriyaki sauce 3. Cutting an apple in the shape of a bunny 4. Serving with cooked rice and decorating the dish to finish We also share values with you during cooking Eggs and meat-balls with green leaves, you can create your own bento just like a flower bed with apple bunny. ・Lots of culture and stories about the bento box A bento box is small space but contains lots of family stories in each bento box. I will share my special memories with our “soul-foods” bento box. ・Sustainable friendly home kitchen ideas I will share Japanese kitchen ideas for no waste. This experience has been used for TEAM-BUILDING, COPORATE EVENTS and BIRTHDAY PARTIES. Teams from LinkedIn, Twitter and other companies have joined making bento boxes with us. Contact us to create your private party!! If you have trouble finding the ingredient or questions, please let me know too! Individuals, couples, friends, family, and team-members; let’s hop in the kitchen and enjoy cooking together! ig @hata_home_kitchen Website:
    Frá Verð:$19 á mann
  • Exiting experience Rickshaw and KImono
    This course, you will wear the Kimonos and go out to Osaka Shinsekai area with the rickshaw. You can have real kimono experience and an exciting time with rickshaw ride. 1) The meting place is the kimono rental shop. 2) You will choose the kimono and obi you want from our various of collections. 3) I will dress you in kimonos 4)While we wait the rickshaw, I will teach you the behaviors when you wear kimonos, like how to walk, sit, up and down stairs and so on. 5) The rickshaw is coming to pick you up in front of the shop and take you to the Shinsekai, Tsutenkaku area. the driver show you a lot interesting spots and take photos while you ride the rickshaw. It takes about 20 minutes. 6) After getting off the rickshaw, please stroll around the area for 40 minutes. 7) Please return to the shop by yourself. It takes about 5 minutes on foot from the Shinsekai area. Other things to note Children under 6 years old are admitted free of charge. Please ask me availability for the date and time not listed.
    Frá Verð:$46 á mann
  • Osaka Town Photography
    Private Osaka Town photography (30 Photos) by Michael Calbera Please read before booking! my system is based on number of photos 8.000 yen for 30 photos Because booking system in Airbnb is limited, I set experience only for 2 person 8.000 yen or about 73USD$ and you will get 30 photos. If you are 2 person or more, go ahead with 2 person booking. For example, there is 5 person with you, please book 2 person and you will only pay 8.000 yen (30 photos) . If you are 1 person or solo, the price is 7.000 yen for 30 photos (cheaper 1.000 yen than couple or groups). Please book for 1 person or 4.000 yen on airbnb, then you need to pay another 3.000 yen by cash when we meet. We will take the photo session in the morning, afternoon or night. It is beautiful to see Osaka and freeze the moment with your photographer! Photography best places First, we will meet at the station near the place where we will take the photograph. You can choose 1 of these places (each place is for 1 course) : 1. Osaka Castle 2. Dotonbori Area 3. Another places by your request or my recommendation The places have a different view in each season, you will get unique pictures depending on when you come here.
    Frá Verð:$37 á mann

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