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Innifalin með öllum bókunum er vernd gegn afbókunum gestgjafa, rangfærslum í skráningu og öðrum vandamálum svo sem vegna innritunar.
Hluti upplýsinganna var þýddur sjálfkrafa.
Explore real Island culture & live like natives. Stay 15min from beach in mid-Island & skip expensive rentals. Catch affordable $1/$2.50 bus in area & ride to beach. Sunny Isles Mall is a 10min walk where you'll find Kmart, Wendy's, restaurants & grocery is a 3min walk. You’ll love the safe, convenient location, solid wall privacy, cell coverage, Wifi, private TV in each room, kitchen usage, breakfast with health magnifying herbal tea & friendly, quiet family village. Sleep well on hybrid bed.

Getaway from it all to the American Paradise


(Summer Special 1 month vacation at an incredible price and daily free extra nights as indicated below)

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TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE SUMMER SPECIAL Just Send in Your Inquiry First, And Ask About The offer Starting June 19, 2022 - Now extending to the ending of September 2022.

Monthly Price Chop For Island locals & New Guest 28 Nights
Our Best Deal gives you a whole Month VACATION+WiFi+Netflix + public transport at your feet & Breakfast- N0 Large down payments, NO, 1st, Last, Month Or Security Deposit Required to Rent This Private Room. as with lease rentals, Under $1, 199 starting the month of July... inquire about this Summer special offer...

1. No First Month-Last Month rent-or Security Deposit That Adds up
2. Pay Minimum on Your Card and Save Your Cash for a Rainy Day
3. No Electric Bills-Which Could Cost $200-$500 or Much More
4. No Cable Bills- Which Could Cost $100 or more
5. No WiFi Bills- Which Could Cost $60-$150
6. No Water Bills- Which Could Cost $60-$80 Or Much More
7. Car Rental Bill-$80-$100 a Day/Cut Cost, Using $1/$2.50 bus for part of stay



ABOUT THE ROOM: The Mahogany room is an inviting mahogany furnished, cozy, air-conditioned room with an exclusive queen size Mahogany bed paired with a quality hybrid mattress. No more twist & turns, you'll sleep like a baby on this gel, coil, memory foam hybrid master sleeper. Your own TV gives you private entertainment, and if you're on business unfold your activity table for your computer in your private room. This ceiling to floor cement unit is storm proof and offers sound privacy. An efficient closet holds all your belongings, and tucked away in the space is a variety of memory and regular pillows to select from. In addition, an iron and full-size iron board has been included for your convenience. Handy amenities are included in your basket of amenities in this room. This room will give you a sense of independence with all the useful additivities'.

ABOUT THE HYBRID MATTRESS: Because sleep is important to your health, I invested in a high-quality mattress found only in expensive hotels. This hybrid mattress is a combination of coil, memory foam, and gel. If you love a good sleep then this is the unit for you. This bed will put all your muscles to relax to accomplish the goal. Even when you are awake in this bed you won't want to move, so be sure to set the alarm clock that has been included in case the bed misbehaves.

ABOUT THE ROOM ADDITIONAL AIR MATTRESS: An additional floor. air-mattress is available to sleep 1 other individual in this room. This twin size air-mattress is covered with memory foam and offers a very comfortable evening rest as testified by former guests.


This Mahogany Queen room is one of three bedrooms on the first floor of a two-story home. The second story is partially completed, and is being slowly worked on when guest are away. It's forbidden to guest for safety purposes. Two bedrooms are available on the first floor. If you’re a traveling family or group and want to stay together another room is available in this same home. Companions could sleep in the Mahogany Queen bedroom with the hybrid bed, and children could sleep in the bunk bed room that sleeps 3.

THE STORY BEHIND THE BED SELECTION: While in search of a mattress for my Mahogany room, I came across a few good ones but 1 stood out because of my daughter. Apparently, my daughter had fallen asleep on the hybrid mattress in no time after I entered the store. I asked the attendant not to show me anymore because that was the mattress I wanted as a result, so that is how your mattress out of my budget got into my shopping cart.

THE STORY BEHIND THE HERBAL BUSH TEA FROM GUEST: My Bush tea is a herbal tea passed on from my ancestors. It is used as an Immune booster, Virus, Flu, and mucus remover etc. It gives your body all the essentials from A-Z Vitamins & minerals to do the job with no negativity because herbs are all naturally home grown.

TIM: February 2019-Tim was a guest at my accommodation that rebooked my place and left a review. He also relocated on Island and came back to my place just for the bush tea again. He was especially impressed with my herbal bush tea passed on from my ancestors. Tim was healthy but kept explaining how great he felt after having a couple cups of the tea. Your body will feel revitalized after giving it the needed essentials from the herbal bush.

Tim wrote in his review about the bush tea:

Worth every penny. Hilda is a great host. Helped me with so many things I can't list them all. Her bush tea is to die for.

ANDREA: April 2019- Andrea and her little girl and boy was a guest in my home in April 2019. Andrea had canceled a lot of her exploration plans because her little girl was not feeling well. She got up at night trying to use ice to keep down her little girl fewer. I encouraged her to have a few cups of my freshly made herbal bush tea made from herbs around the property. She declined but decided to do so the night before her departure, and this is what she wrote on my email while traveling back home.

Andrea wrote: Good morning, Hilda

Thank you for a most welcoming stay and accommodations. We truly appreciate your hospitality, and all agreed when we return we would love to stay with you again! Sorry we didn’t get to say goodbye in person as we hustled off to the airport! I did give my daughter the tea as you recommended and she woke up today no fever, and slept all night which means I got sleep as well !!! I should have done it from the first night you suggested it. That’s above and beyond hosting and I couldn’t thank you more. You have a great thing going! See you soon! God bless you.

SEAN: July 2020-Sean was a guest at my accommodation that extended his stay for a week as he relocated on the Island. He loved my herbal bush tea passed on from my ancestors. Sean wanted to know if I sold this tea by the gallon but I don't. Sean the big money makers don't like natural alternatives. They make more money from selling legal drugs with toxin additives to keep people dependent than providing natural cures to stop the flow of wealth. It's simple they make more money from the treatment than the cure. The math problem is (treatment = $billions and Cure = $Zero).

Sean advice about the bush tea in his review:

Hilda's place is very nicely decorated and immaculately clean. She has a welcome pamphlet detailing restaurants and activities, and a lot of personalized touches. You have to try the bush tea!

JULIA: June 2021- Julia stayed at my place for a week in effort to relocate to the Island. She was excited to try the tea and took to it right away for a full effect. She had a feast on the bush tea daily during her week long stay. This is what Julia wrote in an email as her time neared it's end.

Julia wrote: Good morning, Hilda

Thank you for the bush tea. I got my cycle this morning and I had no cramping or weakness. I had a great night's rest last night. Thank you for letting me sleepover. I hope to see you around and may stop by for some tea from time to time if that's ok with you :) I hope you have a great evening and a great week.

Why stay at an expensive place when you can stay at a quality, affordable, comfortable place? Don’t lose your opportunity to fully explore this Island and enjoy this culture because you spent too much on lodging. Spend your money exploring instead.
In this convenient location you can hop on a $1 or $2.50 bus and within 10-15 minutes you'll be at one of the Island’s best white sand beaches. The idea is to use the $1 bus or $2.50 for a few days to save money like some guest did then use your savings to rent a car your last day or two in order to access places the bus route don't travel. It is recommended that you at least rent a car for the last days of your stay. Car rentals are expensive at $80-$100 a day plus overhead, but don’t worry with your wise savings choice you’ll have a bundle left over to rent a car your last few days, and enjoy this entire small Island.

Need to find an apartment to relocate, or DON'T WANT TO BE SQUEEZED INTO THE MAN CAMP in nearby business... Settle here in your own private room away from the camp and rent month to month. No first, last, month or security deposit that could add up.

You’ll appreciate the cement poured ceiling, and solid concrete walls for extra guest privacy.

Please don't expect to be able to walk to the beach in this mid-island location, but you can ride there in 15 minutes on an affordable $1 or $2.50 bus. For those seeking a convenient, affordable bus route location this is it. It only takes 45 minutes to 1 hour to travel from the 2 furthest points on this small eighty-add square miles Island, but if you must be foot steps away from the beach rather than accessible to transport in this mid-Island location, I advise you to please use AirBNB filter to point out those beach front properties. Be accountable for your location selection. It is not the hosts failure if you couldn't afford a beachfront property. Enough information has been given including a map for you to carefully select according to your location preferences. Many of the beaches are isolated places, so check with your host to find out if you would need to calculate a rental car $80-$100 a day) into your budget to get in and out of their location. You'll want to make sure you won’t be stuck in a location in which you have to pay an expensive taxi if you can’t get a rental car. A private taxi ride is $25 or more. Make sure to reserve a car quickly because they're in demand and you're limited to 7 companies. Good Luck!

No need to figure out what to do on island; I'll automatically provide you with documentation on places to explore and activities on island.
Experience horseback riding through the ocean, and Rain Forest, or get ready for an ATV ride through the Rain Forest. Go snorkeling, and kayaking through the mangroves. Stand up on your paddle board, or kite surf in our warm all year round ocean water and much more.


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Christiansted, St. Croix, Bandarísku Jómfrúaeyjar

Mahogany Getaway is located in a safe, friendly, helpful, family neighborhood. People helping people, is what makes this neighborhood unique. The US Virgin Islands is considered to be one of the best places to raise a family, so meet the warm welcoming people.


Please don't expect to be able to walk to the beach in this mid island location, but you can ride there in 15 minutes on an affordable $1 or $2.50 bus. It only takes 45 minutes to 1 hour to travel around this small Island, but if you must be steps away from the beach you can use AirBNB filter to point out those properties. Many of the beaches are isolated places, so check with your host to find out if you would need a rental car to get in and out of their location.


Our roads are newly paved in the neighborhood and it’s so wonderful. You’ll be driving on smooth roads in this neighborhood but not everywhere.


This neighborhood is often quite, but from time to time a neighbor may have a going home celebration to grieve for their love ones, although parties in the neighborhood seldom occur. This is a part of our culture here on island, and we just ask that visitors respect this tradition when it occurs although it may seem a bit loud. Thanks for your understanding.

Gestgjafi: Hilda

  1. Skráði sig september 2016
  • 177 umsagnir
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Ég heiti Hilda og er fæddur bandarískur Jómfrúaeyjur og ólst upp á fallegu eyjunni St. Croix Bandarísku Jómfrúaeyjunum. Þetta er vinalegur staður og ég verð gestgjafi þinn. Ég elska rakt loft og hlýjar strendur. Auðvelt er að eiga samskipti við mig, fara niður á jörðina, svöl, opin og þægileg samskipti svo að það er besta leiðin til að fá aðstoð. Ég er aðgerðasinni og trúi mikið á mannréttindi fyrir allt fólk. Mér finnst að fólk ætti að koma fram við fólk eins og það vill að komið sé fram við það. Ég hugsa um gestinn minn og kem vel fram við þá óháð þjóðerni. Ég er þakklát fyrir að þjálfunin sem ástsæla afrísk drottning mín færði þessi gildi inn í börnin hennar. Þegar þú kemur í eignina mína þarftu ekki að hugsa um hvað eyjan hefur upp á að bjóða. Þetta er allt sett fram í könnunarhandbókinni minni. Ég reyni að lifa lífi mínu á jákvæðan hátt. Ég virði gestinn minn og opna dyrnar til að bjóða upp á ágætt, gæðahúsnæði á viðráðanlegu verði fyrir samfélög sem þurfa á þessari þjónustu að halda. Ég nýt þess ekki að vera með neikvæðni og bið gesti vinsamlegast um að eiga samskipti, virða mig, heimilið mitt, húsreglurnar mínar og vera þakklátir fyrir þá erfiðu þjónustu sem ég býð upp á. Ég tek á móti ósviknum gesti með þessum hætti inn á heimili mitt.

Markmið_______________________________________________________________ mitt er mjög einfalt. Það er að veita hágæða gistiaðstöðu á viðráðanlegu verði og veita samfélagsþjónustu sem ég þarf mikið á að halda, að veita stöðugt þægilega dvöl og láta gestum líða eins og heima hjá sér.

Ég heiti Hilda og er fæddur bandarískur Jómfrúaeyjur og ólst upp á fallegu eyjunni St. Croix Bandarísku Jómfrúaeyjunum. Þetta er vinalegur staður og ég verð gestgjafi þinn. Ég elsk…

Í dvölinni

I’ll be available to offer help throughout your stay in any way I could, so don’t worry about anything. You won’t even have to think about what to do on island; I'll have pamphlets and documentation ready for you periodically. This is just the way I treat my guest because I want you to take full advantage of what the island offer and have fun.

Your room will only be entered for cleaning before you arrive and after you leave. It’s your private space and I especially like to give my guest privacy. Your window screens are designed for your privacy. You could see out but not in. You'll have your privacy, and if you need anything don't be afraid to inform me; I'm a down to earth easy going host. I'll be in the next room I use as office space and personal use etc., and if I'm off on business email or contact by phone for my assistance. My goal is to make your stay a pleasant one.
I’ll be available to offer help throughout your stay in any way…

Hilda er ofurgestgjafi

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