The only house on the beach. Bedroom 1

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WALK TO THE SURF. Shady, tranquil and extremely private. A rustic, Mexican style house managed locally. The only house on Barra surf beach. You can rent a room to yourself or share with a friend, the room price includes one or two people. We rent the WHOLE HOUSE or BY THE ROOM just ask Eric if you want the whole house, (or just book all four rooms) This listing is for bedroom 1, if full other rooms should be available, see the links below. The house is surrounded by over 200 coconut palms

The House has four Bedroom. three downstairs and an upstairs open living room, with beds and hammocks, that when free is used as a second relaxing area. Each bedroom is listed separately, this is for bedroom 1. If you want to book another room see links below.
Bedroom 2 -
Bedroom 3 -
Bedroom 4 (upstairs)

The surf
The point break, around 10 minutes’ walk along the beach, enough time to watch the swell and work out the sets. It is just past the restaurant and famous among the surfing community. You can see much information and videos by googling “Barra de la Cruz.” During the summer months November through February the waves a smaller and lots of fun, especially for learners and kids (Or surfers who do not need a big barrel). The big wave season, April through to September, can see double overhead waves peeling around the point.
The rest of the beach offers various different beach breaks of various sizes depending on the swell.

We have had many groups staying at the house specifically to enjoy the surf. A typical day would include a morning surf of 2 - 4 hours. Returning to the house for lunch, the afternoon is normally spent laying in hammocks sipping coconuts or beer; or returning for another surf, either at the point break or just in front of the house.
Casa de Coco’s is a great surf safari destination. You are on the beach, for the beach.

Other Structures on the beach
There are two other structures on the beach

The Beach Restaurant (El Comador)
This small restaurant and bar is about 6 minutes’ walk toward the point, right where the road from the town ends at the beach. This is locally run and serves good food and cold drinks when ice and supplies are in stock. There are chairs and tables under Ramada style shade (utilizing local wood and coconut palms). This is a great place to sit under the shade and with a sea breeze, enjoy a refreshment or simple snack/meal and watch people surf the point break, or see the sea bird flying past. Seafood is a specialty, as fish are caught right in front of the restaurant for the enjoyment of the guests.

The Turtle Hatching Base (The Biologists Camp)
The other structure on the beach is approximately 2 km in the other direction. Back from the beach is a small base, where the turtle researchers keep supplies etc. On the beach is a wire fenced off area in where the biologists and other volunteers put turtle eggs they collect under the sand. This enables the eggs to be protected and monitored until hatching, then controlled release, to maximize the turtle’s chance of survival. Fortunately since the program begun over Thirty years ago, (Here and elsewhere in Mexico) turtle numbers continue to increase.
Note: In season, especially Nov-Feb (NOT SURE NO EXACT DATES) the biologists drive up and down the beach on small four wheel buggies, collecting turtle eggs and helping mother turtles as required. By talking to the biologists and watching where they stop, you can often find the turtles laying eggs. By simply walking out on the beach at night time, with a good torch, you may find the turtle’s yourself. The biologists may also involve you in releasing the turtles. Experiencing the turtles laying eggs or hatching is based on how often you go looking for them. Sometimes they hatch within the enclosure, or as a controlled release, and other times they just hatch from the sand. In the morning, you will often see their tracks where they came up the beach to lay, or the shells of the baby turtles. This is not a tourist operation, it is just you the turtles, an open surf beach, lots of stars and if you’re lucky a full moon.
Note: Turtles are protected, so it is best to let the biologists know you are interested in seeing them and that you understand you must respect them. (You do not use a flash on your camera until after the mother has laid her eggs, or touch them, for example)


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Barra de la Cruz, Oaxaca, Mexíkó

Barra de la Cruz
How to get there from the house
The local town is accessible in two ways;
Firstly; by walking along the beach (about 8 mins) and either walking, taxi or a lift up the road into town. (After around 6pm, the only option is walking as they close the gate). Walking takes about 30 mins. This is the easiest option in the evening, but not so good in the heat of the day.
Secondly; it is a pleasant walk to town along the “back path.” This path winds through the locals farming land and offers some shade. It is best to be shown the way the first time, but is possible on your own. There is some water that needs to be negotiated and normally there is a single log “bridge.” (You can use a pole for support!) It is a lot of fun, but is best with an adventurous attitude! Note: During the dry season this is ok, during the wet season, best ask your host.
What is there?
There is a Pizza restaurant and other options for eating. There is Las Gemalas (fantastic tacos) Pepes also serves food daily. This is a classic Mexican local village, with some facilities for tourists. The more you talk to locals the better chance of understanding all your options. This goes for places to eat, cantinas and also food and other supplies. If you like the classic Mexican rural town feel (not a tourist town), you will love this place.

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Iam locally manager Casa de Cocos with my family soy Alejandro trabajo con mi hermano Erik.

Í dvölinni

Our local host, does not live at the house. Eric and his family will be close and happy to help as needed, but also respect your privacy. They speak mainly Spanish, but are very patient and happy to accommodate everyone.

Bedding Areas.
There are three areas in which to sleep.
1. There are two rooms in front of the house. Both have a double bed, great for couples, and is great to enjoy the sounds of the waves as they vibrate against the walls of the house. It is very central, there is an opening into the inside lounge.
2. The rear bedroom. Three stretcher beds. It has a door through to the inside lounge and a door that opens up to the inside/outside shower area.
3. Upstairs. A double bed and three stretcher beds. This area is as close to the true Pacific lifestyle than you can experience anywhere. Under large woven palms “The Big Palapa”, this area has only low walls to let the breeze though. Because of the fresh Pacific air, this area is a favourite for relaxing in the hammocks or on the beds during a quiet afternoon.
Bed Types
Double Beds are all standard spring mattresses.
Single camp stretcher style beds. These are locally made out of wood and a woven material with a thin mattress. They are simple yet comfortable.
Sheets and towels. The houses comes with sheets and a blanket for each bed.
Mosquito Nests. - All beds are equipped with mosquito nets. The general practice is to; each afternoon/evening shake out the beds and re-tuck in the mosquito nets. This ensures your bed is free from sand and any unwanted guests or little creatures. Please inspect the nets for any holes or tears and let our staff know, if you feel they are not mosquito proof.

Useful Information
Outside living space
The local climate makes the outdoors the ideal place to hang out. For this reason, the outside table is the central socializing and eating area. There are Hammocks and the communal table. There are also hammocks upstairs.
Inside there is minimal furniture, except for bedding. In the main room (Reading room) there is a book shelf full of books and other things to keep you occupied. Feel free to use, exchange, or leave books.
The house itself, is comfortable and functional. We have had groups and families stay, and most people love the experience, however it is not for everyone. It has a true rustic Mexican style. For those looking for first world hotel accommodation, this cannot be found anywhere in Barra de la Cruz. The home is for those with a sense of adventure and appreciate the Mexican way. If this is you, you will be pleasantly surprised.
Generally during the day there is little concern about insects. In the evening, sometimes there are mosquitoes and sometimes there are none. The house is near a lagoon and wetlands so care should be taken with regards to insects. That said, one of the great things about the property is all the sounds of nature.
As a general rule, although not always necessary, you should light mosquito coils around or underneath the outside table and wear repellent. You could wear long tops and pants to minimise the risk of being bitten, if you are susceptible. For this reason bringing some very lightweight clothing specifically for wearing during the evening is a good idea.
Little and not so little creatures
The house is treated for insects and inspected before your stay. The reality of living so close to nature is the nature is also so close to you. If you are lucky you may see a scorpion or a snake. This does not happen often but it is possible. The snakes are harmless and the scorpions will avoid you if they can. The message here, is that common sense prevails, check your shoes (although most people only ever were sandals!) and keep an eye out. Ensure you check your beds and keep an eye out for any unwanted creatures who may be brave enough to enter the house. In 25 years, we have never had anyone who has been bitten by either a snake or scorpion.
Our local host, does not live at the house. Eric and his family will be close and happy to help as needed, but also respect your privacy. They speak mainly Spanish, but are very pa…
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