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Kosovo Museum

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February 18, 2020
Kosovo Museum is the National Museum of Kosovo, located in the city of Pristina. It was founded in 1949 and is the largest museum in Kosovo. However, the building of the museum was constructed in 1889 and it was designed according to the Austro-Hungarian style of construction and its real aim was…
October 30, 2019
Kosovo Museum is the National Museum of Kosovo, located in the city of Pristina. It was founded in 1949 and is the largest museum in Kosovo
September 22, 2019
Well, something that tourists do (but I as a local have never done it) is to go and visit our National Museum. I can guide you how to go there, but I have no idea what's inside: what I've heard though, is the ideal place to put yourself in tourists' shoes and immerse in Kosovo's archeology, history,…
July 9, 2019
The Kosovo Museum is the earliest institution of cultural heritage in Kosovo, established with the goal of preserving, restoration-conservation and presentation of movable heritage on the territory. It is situated in a special facility, from an architectural point of view but also because of its…
February 24, 2018
This is the national museum which has an exhibition of artefacts since early ages in Kosovo until 2008 when independence was declared.

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“A very stylish café located next to Soma Book Station Cafe. Self-service, vintage style and multi-cultural place.”
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“Italy, Kosovo’s neighbor across the Adriatic, has had a huge impact on Balkan cuisine (including that of Kosovo, Croatia, Montenegro, and Albania). Pizza and pasta are as common on restaurant menus as local dishes. So when Kosovars do true Italian food, they do it right. Among Pristina’s Italian offerings, Osteria Basilico is a standout, with dishes comparable to any osteria in Bologna, Florence, or Naples. Basilico’s rich spaghetti al ragu and spaghetti ai gamberi (pasta with shrimp) have become crowd favorites.”
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“Soma is a modern, creative space that includes a restaurant, bar, and art gallery where you’ll often find live music and cultural events. Until recently, Pristina’s international crowd preferred to gather at the bar for beer and wine, but a recent menu revamp has made dinner at the restaurant equally attractive for a night out. The kitchen now focuses on seasonal, locally grown ingredients in traditional dishes like stuffed peppers with cheese and thyme, assortments of grilled meats, and mezze platters with regional dips such as ajvar (smoky pepper spread) and tarator (sour curd spread with cucumber, garlic, and lemon zest).”
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“Initially known as "Boro and Ramiz" was designed by a group of architects headed by Zivorad Jankovic, Halid Muhasilovic and Sretko Eshpek. The youth and sports complex, although it has lost its initial purpose of serving Prishtina youth, is of great importance to the Prishtina citizens, especially to the older generations, as funds for the construction of the center were donated by them. For a number of years Prishtina citizens had to give half of their income for the construction of the center. According to the original plan the complex was supposed to have a swimming pool, tennis courts, football pitches and other sport fields. After the was the building was badly damaged by a fire and as a result the grand sports hall still remains unused. According to the head architect of the project, the roof of the center was supposed to symbolize the peaks of Sharr Mountains.”
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“The National Theatre of Kosovo was founded in 1946 in the city of Prizren, Kosovo. It is the highest ranked theatre institution in the country, with the largest number of productions. The National Theatre is the only public theatre in Kosovo and therefore it is financed by Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport. This theatre has produced more than 400 premieres which have been watched by more than 3 million spectators.”
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