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Beacon Hill Park: Mynd
Beacon Hill Park287 íbúar mæla með
Royal BC Museum: Mynd
Royal BC Museum232 íbúar mæla með
Hotel Fairmont Empress: Mynd
Hotel Fairmont Empress106 íbúar mæla með
Downtown Victoria: Mynd
Downtown Victoria4 íbúar mæla með
Craigdarroch Castle: Mynd
Craigdarroch Castle111 íbúar mæla með
Legislative Assembly of British Columbia: Mynd
Legislative Assembly of British Columbia88 íbúar mæla með

San Juan Islands og öll afþreying í nágrenninu

Old-Growth Tree Climbing On Lopez Island
Do something incredibly unique, climb huge trees 100-200 ft tall, including some rare old-growth trees. Explore and learn about unique ecosystem and wildlife of trees. Once you reach the top of the canopy, enjoy an incredible view of ocean, mountains, and wildlife including bald eagles. Great for groups, teams, and team-building too! Our itinerary will consist of: 1) Meeting and introducing ourselves 2) Signing a liability waiver 3) Listening to a safety talk and gear overview 4) Participating in a climbing techniques tutorial 5) Getting geared-up and checked by your guide 6) Completing a practice climb on our demo tree 7) Walking to the more secluded climbing trees 8) Climb multiple trees, between 100 and 200 feet high. Depending on the group and the climbers' ability, you will ascend one to four trees. Climbing 20 stories up coastal Douglas fir trees offers a stunning perspective few have ever seen. A guide will be climbing with the group the entire time. 9) Enjoying the view, eat at the top of the tree like a monkey. 10) Descend the tree by rappelling 11) Smiling and high-fives We have optionable battery power ascenders for $75 extra, to climb with a push of the button, if physical ability is a concern. Check out videos or pay for add-ons
Walk the Elwha
This 2 mile interpretive hike is a great way to learn about the the Olympic Peninsula. Walk with me along a trail that parallels the Elwha river. You can expect big trees, ferns, mushrooms and more. The trail will take us to the lower dam removal site to witness some of the areas history. Check out my business' website, Magic Forest Tours, for more information and a discounted rate! October is a great month to enjoy the area, feel free to request a date and I will let you know if it is available!
Baby Goat Snuggles and Playtime
Play with baby Nigerian Dwarf goats and learn about holistic goat caretaking practices. We'll start by meeting the herd of eight adult goats, where we will go over goat handling best practices. Next, play with the baby goats in a grassy meadow pen. Expect lots of goofy goat antics and selfie opportunities! Post playtime, you'll have the option to tour the farm and learn the ins and outs of goat caretaking from Laura. This is a wonderful way to learn more about sustainable small scale agriculture and spend time with these adorable creatures. Nigerian Dwarf goats may be small but they make up for it with their big personalities. They're incredibly curious, lovable, and intelligent and as a bonus, their babies are the size of small cats! There's never a dull moment with these playful goats and this experience is a great way to unwind, relax, and feel a little more refreshed.
Kayaking and wildlife viewing along pristine coast line
Kayak with us along one of the most scenic shorelines in the world, filled with gorgeous beauty and incredible wildlife. Beginners are welcome, since we only kayak in good conditions along the shorelines of Samish Island or Chuckanut Mountains in very stable kayaks, and only when wind and tide conditions are ideal. You will be surrounded by eagles, seals, herons, other sea birds, and porpoises. Kayak amidst giant kelp beds and marvel at arching Madrona trees, towering cedars and islands on the horizon. We take a break on a secluded beach for refreshments. Steve will demonstrate primitive fire making with a bow drill to start a fire for heating up hot drinks. You can try your hand at starting a fire it if you like. After your kayaking experience, visit one of the famous local eateries in Edison, known as a foodie paradise. Depending on wind, weather and tides, we might change the location of the trip, but it's all within 20 minutes of our advertised location. Please keep in mind that weather conditions might require us to cancel. In this case you will get a full refund. If you are looking for a place to stay overnight, we also have an Air B and B you can rent. The link for that is here:
Wine tasting w/decorated winemaker at family-friendly winery
Experience world-class red wine made from local ingredients - primarily honey and whole Washington fruit. Our Red Blend 1 (Cherry, Raspberry & Blackberry) was named Best Honey and Fruit Wine in the country in 2021 by Mazer Cup International. 15 unique wines are available for sampling.
Kayak Whidbey Island
I deliver a kayak paddling Experience that takes place in a world class environment - along the coastal shores of the Pacific Northwest's Whidbey Island. Launching from Oak Harbor bay or other nearby locations depending on weather and tide, the possibilities are endless. This launch location allows for optimal marine mammal and wildlife viewing, a variety of landscapes, experience levels, desired instruction and guide service needs. This Experience includes assisting the Guest with feeling comfortable at the water's edge, having all equipment setup at the launch location prior to the Guest's arrival, equipment instruction, and a two hour paddle with guide service. At the end of your paddling Experience, you will have traveled beautiful Whidbey Island's coastal waters by kayak, taken in awe inspiring scenery and possibly even have seen marine wildlife to include whales, porpoises, seals, sea otters, eagles and hawks. Tides! If your paddling takes place in the Sound we MUST schedule around the tide. Be prepared to be slightly flexible. Paddle Whidbey, Always World Class!
Lights, Camera, Traction; An Epic Stroll To Film Locations
After meeting at our historic courthouse steps, we'll begin a 90-minute cinematic walking adventure through our beautiful Victorian era downtown. Along the way, we'll pause at filming locations from several films including The Ring starring Naomi Watts, Snow Falling on Cedars starring Ethan Hawke, Enough starring Jennifer Lopez, and the movie that put Port Townsend on Hollywood's map, An Officer and a Gentleman starring Richard Gere and Debra Winger. At each location, we'll watch clips on a mobile screen while I tell you fun trivia and behind the scenes stories from their productions. As a former independent film producer and screenwriter myself, I'm happy to answer any and all questions about the filmmaking process. Beyond the films, you'll learn about Port Townsend's unique and fascinating history, and the economic struggles that accidentally led to its current distinction as a "living history museum". We'll make plenty of time for a restroom break and some gorgeous photo stops as we go. I'll be your personal photographer for the day.
Chestnut harvest and orchard tour
We will take a guided tour of a working chestnut orchard and discuss cultivars and growing conditions. Guests will be able to harvest their own chestnuts to take home. Chestnuts and tour are included in the price.
Explore Wineries and Bellingham in a Vintage Volkswagen Bus
Your Bellingham VW Wine Tour Experience will begin you are picked up at our central pick-up point in Downtown. So that you can taste some of the best local wine, we will take you to a local winery in quaint downtown *Guests pay for wine tasting at each location With some crackers, cheese and wine in us we will hop in the VW Bus and take a photo, or three, outside some local landmarks. Hopping back in the VW Bus, so that you can sip wine whilst getting a private tour of a winery, we will stop at one of our favorites just outside the city. Since good things come in threes, we will continue on our journey to another winery a short drive away. We will cap off the tour with a wonderful stop by the ocean for an incredible picture opportunity with the 1971 VW Bus and an oceanic back-drop. Finally, so that you can experience a true local, funky, Bellingham Lounge, your tour will end when you are dropped off at one that is conveniently located. All these stops, all these memories, all whilst being transported in a 1971 VW Bus. I love showing people from all walks of life the magic of this wonderful city and wineries Whether you are here for your first time, or born and raised, you are gonna have a good time! Let's Experience Bellingham and its Wineries Together! Find my raving reviews, from where I started, in Portland
Jam , chutney and pickle class
We will be making a jam, chutney and pickle using seasonal ingredients. We will start the class by cleaning and chopping all fruits ,vegetable and herbs. Then we will make our pickling brine and measure out all the ingredients according to the recipes. We will then wash and sterilize all the jar. then we will prepare the jam, chutney and pickles. To finish pack and process the jars. I will prepare a lite lunch and everyone will go home with a jar of jam, chutney and pickles.
Beginner Paddleboard Lesson on the Lake
Beginner SUP Classes will cover basic techniques, including balance, standing up, paddling strokes, turning, and how to fall& re-mount. Lessons include practice time to learn how to paddleboard correctly and safely from a PSUPA-certified instructor. We will discuss safety on the water, including life jacket types and float plans. Also included is a basic overview of the kinds of boards, paddles, and other gear that will be most appropriate for beginners. Optional topics include learning how to carry a paddleboard, transport one, and launch in different settings. Most importantly, we will stay safe but have fun (and might get wet doing so)! Custom times and dates are available upon request! See my other offerings by searching for "Chuckanut Coastal Paddleboard Tour" or "Bellingham Paddleboard Tour."
Galbraith Mountain Bike Tours
Hire a Dig Deep guide ( to experience the incredible mountain bike trails we have here in Bellingham, WA! Your guide will curate a perfect tour of Bellingham trails based on your skill and fitness level. Trails at Galbraith Mountain and other trail systems in Bellingham can be extremely confusing - make the most of your time here by allowing a guide with navigational knowledge determine the best route. We will meet at the Transition Outpost bike shop - just a short pedal to Galbraith Mountain. The Transition Outpost offers food, beer, bike accessories, and bikes for sale - making it the perfect place to meet and return to at the end of the tour.
Experience Bellingham in a Classic Volkswagen Bus
Your Bellingham VW Experience will begin you are picked up at our central pick-up point in Downtown. So that you can taste some of the best local coffee in Bellingham, we will take you to a fantastic local cafe that also boasts a myriad of plants. With our Coffee Beverages in hand we will walk through an iconic Bellingham Park, so that you can experience walking amongst Redwood and Sequoia trees. Following the incredible park we will pop into one of our favorite Vintage Shops, so that you can browse items from around the world. With coffee, parks and a vintage shop behind us, it's time to make a pit stop so that you can experience a collection of murals that span an entire block. So that you can experience a local food cart, we will stop at one that boasts local, fresh and tasty choices. Finally, so that you can experience a true local, funky, Bellingham Lounge, your tour will end when you are dropped off at one that is conveniently located. All these stops, all these memories, all whilst being transported in a 1971 VW Bus. I love showing people from all walks of life the magic of this wonderful city Whether you are here for your first time, or born and raised, you are gonna have a good time! Let's Experience Bellingham Together! Find my raving reviews, from where I started, in Portland
Paint Yo Dreams with Multi- Indigenous abstract artist
Come join me on a deep dive into understanding our emotions through art. I will share my story with you and following after that an intimate art workshop that will help you learn more about self-expression and art. This workshop is called "Paint Yo! Dreams introduce a new perspective of the audience's life goals, emotions, and interpretation of their dreams through art. You will learn about self-expression and art. We will also break into storytelling for about 6 minutes after we shared the story with the participants, this will unravel things they didn't know about themselves. Come Paint Yo! Dreams w/ artist Safiuchi.
Experience the world of craft chocolate
Learn and taste the world of craft chocolate (Tasting Event Agenda) The origins of chocolate: · Brief history of cacao origins and the differences between terroir and geographic region. · Exploring different cacao bean origins. · Identify origin of cacao beans. The process of making chocolate: · How fermentation impacts flavor. · Discuss the steps to make bean to bar chocolate and how each steps impacts flavor development. · Discuss the snap, mouthfeel and flavor profiles?. · What is a good chocolate bar? Chocolate tasting 101 · How to taste chocolate. · The difference between craft chocolate vs conventional chocolate. · How chocolate is all about the beans. Craft chocolate has three simple ingredients: cocoa beans, sugar and cocoa butter. Discuss the difference between single origin and blended chocolate. · Try each flavor, discuss and share tasting thoughts. Afterward there will be a chance to ask questions and compare with others in your class. Why did we start making chocolate? · The origin story of K’UL. · Why we work directly with women and how it strengthens communities. · Why what we do matters and the difference between income and living wage. · How buying a bar of chocolate positively impacts people at origin.