Ultimate Guide for Las Vegas -best of all worlds- Classic Foodie Fun Weird

Mary-Margaret (Anand)
Mary-Margaret (Anand)
Ultimate Guide for Las Vegas -best of all worlds- Classic Foodie Fun Weird


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Natural Beauty

Obviously, the strip is the main draw for tourists, but after you're done with the glitz, don't miss the amazing natural beauty that surrounds Vegas. There is a reason why people actually love living here! Depending on time of year... there's Mount Charleston, Red Rock, Valley of Fire, Tule Springs, Wetland Park, Lake Mead and much much more
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It gets cold

Everyone thinks because it is the desert that it's always hot here. Yes. It is super hot during the days from roughly June-September, but the rest of the year it can be beautiful and balmy and in winter... downright cold! It has snowed in vegas - even at our house. It's a lightweight snow, but just don't let the desert fool you. Pack according to traditional seasons.

Free Stuff Everywhere

There are tons of free/cheap attractions everywhere. Check the guidebooks. Many are kitchsy and some are pretty cool! I love the shark slide downtown. BUT Casinos are smart. They know if they offer free stuff, eventually you'll get tired and want to sit down - to eat, to drink, or maybe even play a slot machine. That's all fine, but don't loose money on the slots. ASK FOR HELP. Ask to find the penny nickle or dime machines on the floor... ASK how to play the game. I lost a whole eighty cents on a penny machine on 1 spin, because i didn't realize I was placing a bet on all lines. Be careful.