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Bestu veitingahúsin að ráði íbúa

“TivoliVredenburg is the best place to enjoy music. This large-scale cultural venue is the latest addition to Utrecht’s music and festival scene – a place where all types of music come together. The large, modern music palace houses several concert halls with perfect acoustics for symphonic music, pop, jazz, chamber music and dance. It is the first new building in Europe where music lovers of all kinds can meet up, from early in the morning until well into the night. The programme ranges from children’s concerts to matinees; from heavy metal to techno raves.”
  • 95 íbúar mæla með
“Beautifull belgian beer cafe in an old church. Lot's of beers on the tap. Visited by a lot of locals, especially on friday afternoon. Was voted one of the best bars in holland. ”
  • 71 íbúi mælir með
“Very popular with hipster crowd. Good coffee. Benches to sit outside in the sun. Nice place for solo travellers as more people come here alone”
  • 50 íbúar mæla með
“beautiful and ride here! If hot - jump in the water when you get there.”
  • 51 íbúi mælir með
“A classic, once Eddie Vedder visited before going on stage in Tivoli. Many beers and many not-mainstream people”
  • 47 íbúar mæla með
“Nearby restaurant that serves nice food. Located in an old factory at the canal, where they supplied the ships. ”
  • 35 íbúar mæla með
“Just because Utrecht is not next to the sea doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a beach ;) ”
  • 46 íbúar mæla með
“Nice bar/restaurant. We like going there for drinks but they also serve great food!!”
  • 28 íbúar mæla með
“At 10 minutes distance you can find the Winkel van Sinkel, a place of entertainment music and to book meeting rooms when you are in Utrecht for business. ”
  • 30 íbúar mæla með
“very nice place to drink coffee and enjoy a piece of pastry. located on a canal. make sure you go downstairs! ”
  • 36 íbúar mæla með
“perfect to sit on the patio, sip a wine and look at the buzzing nightlife of Utrecht”
  • 21 íbúi mælir með
“ North African, Arabian dishes with tastes from Marrok, Egypt, and Libanon. Noordplein 19, Utrecht. ”
  • 33 íbúar mæla með
“Cosy hang out for a good coffee, also for delicious vegan lunches and dinners”
  • 27 íbúar mæla með
“This restaurant is really close to home and is a sort of extended living room. They serve breakfast, lunch and diner. There's a place for toddlers to play. They're used to having children in the restaurant. ”
  • 32 íbúar mæla með
“Always a hit for people new in town! Industrial place, Indonesian tapas, graffiti on the wall. Crazy, good, cosy. Great cocktails as well”
  • 26 íbúar mæla með
“Great restaurant in all the lists. Good food, not too pricy. Great view if you can have dinner on the 10th floor. Make a reservation in advance!”
  • 25 íbúar mæla með