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University of the Philippines Diliman, Diliman: Nauðsynjar

Minnismerki / kennileiti
“If you've never visited Quezon City Circle, then you just have to. Its literally the CENTER of the city. That tall thing you see in the midle? That's the tombstone of Manuel Quezon (the guy they named the city after) and as far as I can remember, you can get in that building for free, but honestly taking a picture outside is good enough. There's lots of things to do here including street food, shops, biking, and even a mini amusement park, you'll discover all this just walking around. Just make sure to go when the weather's nice since its mostly open and you'll be at the mercy of the elements. ”
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“The Philippines' premier university. Great for walks and exercising. A haven for fishball and fried street food enthusiasts!”
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“A great mall with a nice mix of retail and food choices. Accessible by Grab or Taxi from Sofia Bellevue.”
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“If you want a quick escape out of city life, take a walk or jog in the university oval especially on weekends! Grab or Uber taxis will take you there ”
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“This street in Teacher's Village is known for different dining concepts and experiences. You can find cafes, bars and restaurants. ”
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“Lots of acacia trees, a momol forest, and disappearing open fields... enjoy the campus before capitalism completes the win with all the buildings sprouting all over the campus grounds.”
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Bus Station
“The U.P. Town Center is marketed as the "first and only university town center" in the Philippines primarily targeting students from universities and other educational institutions along Katipunan Avenue such as the University of the Philippines Diliman, Ateneo de Manila University, and Miriam College.”
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“Maginhawa street is arguably what Teachers Village is most famous for. Bustling with students and young working professionals, You'll find lots of restaurants, bars, cafes, and specialty shops just walking down the street with StrEat Food Park being the highlight for most!”
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“Features a collection of arts, stamps, coins, library and some research papers for those who wants to broaden their horizons in life. Recommended to those seeking a world of the refined mind.”
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“Great collections housed in a marvelous building (Arete) in my alma mater. Entrance is free! Open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 9AM-7PM and on Sundays from 9AM-5PM. ”
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Amusement Park
“Whimsical amusement park offering rides for all ages, plus casual eateries & snack stands.”
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Health and wellness
“A number of BPO offices occupied the land with a variety of restaurants and other activity venues centered for recreation and leisure”
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Japanskur veitingastaður
“In the event that you find yourself craving for some affordable Japanese (student price, complete satisfying katsudon meal for a little over PHP 150.00), try Crazy Katsu on Maginhawa Street. The restaurant is on Maginhawa Street, where many restaurants are located so you can go food-hopping if your appetites desire so. ”
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“Up north, you’ll find the famous La Mesa Eco Park and Watershed that provides potable drinking water to around 12 million residents in Metro Manila. The 33-hectare family-friendly eco park offers tons of activities for guests. The trails and wildlife in the area make it a haven for nature lovers.”
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“The Philippines' premier university where everyone is welcome. You can spend quiet times in Sunken Garden, check-out architecture of the Church of Holy Sacrifice, visit Vargas Museum, spend your Sunday jogging in Academic Oval, try the famous "isaw" (chicken intestines) infront of Kalayaan dormitory, and many more.”
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City Hall
“City hall is open on weekdays from 9AM to 4PM. Services you can avail include getting licenses, police clearance etc. The Hall of Justice is also within the compound in case you need legal help. ”
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