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Bestu bakaríin að ráði íbúa

“The raspberry scones and cinnamon buns are among the most popular treats here. The serve JJ bean!”
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“ Best bakery in Edmonton and it's at the end of our block. Boulangerie Bonjour breads are made using centuries old European bread making traditions. BONJOUR specializes in ‘pain au levain’ (French for sourdough) which is made using wild yeast culture (levain). Pain au levain’ has a unique appearance, flavour and aroma that is distinctive and irresistible. Not a sit down bakery.”
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“german style and sourdough :) buy your breakfasts breads here NO credit cards accepted !”
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“I love that they cater to as many food allergies as they can! Vegan, gluten free and a peanut free shop makes life so much easier for my family because a lot of us have food intolerances. ”
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