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Belgrade - Skoðunarferðir og kennileiti


“The Museum of Applied Art (Serbian: Музеј примењене уметности / Muzej primenjene umetnosti) is an art museum in Belgrade, Serbia. The museum contains over 37,000 works of applied art, which reflect the development of applied art over a 2,400 year span. The oldest artifacts of the museum are Ancient Greek coins from the 4th century BC.”
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“Fresco paint, unique pictures painted on fresh plaster on our monasteries. Don't miss the opportunity to become familiar with the "White Angel" and other beautiful Serbian frescoes - world heritage. ”
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History Museum

Sögufrægir staðir

“You can go here for a walk or a jog. There are many museums (e.g. military is one of my favorites) that you can visit. In the night, you can admire a beautiful sun set over the confluence of Danube and Sava rivers. ”
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“This is a very special part of the city and a must see. Kalemegdan Fortress, surrounded by a huge park, looks out over the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers. This is a place where you can see people reading a book, playing chess, enjoying fresh air and a spectacular view!”
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“Medieval fortress on the bank of two rivers in the city center with surrounding parks is a great place for walking, enjoying nature, sightseeing, taking photos, trying out local food in the restaurant and having a great time overall.”
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“Belgrade Fortress was declared a Monument of Culture of Exceptional Importance in 1979, and is protected by the Republic of Serbia. It is the most visited tourist attraction in Belgrade, with Skadarlija being the second. The admission is free. The cliff-like ridge overlooks the Great War Island and the confluence of the Sava river into the Danube, and makes one of the most beautiful natural lookouts in Belgrade. The secret underworld of Kalemegdan reveals a spider’s web of tunnels and caves, some of which date back to the Neolithic period.”
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Sögufrægur staður
“There are several restaurants, bars and coffee shops lined up on this part of the water front. In the evenings it gets quite fancy, but I like to have breakfast or coffee here, looking at the river.”
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“An area that acts like a time machine, this was what Belgrade looked like 150 years ago. Cobblestone street, romantic streetlights and old oak trees give this district a special feel.”
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“Wonderful blend of the old and the modern architecture. This neighborhood is a local favorite and you can sip tea or have a cup of coffee with good views!”
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