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San Francisco - Verslun

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“Millennials love to stand in lines. Go mid-morning on weekdays to avoid long lines. But, the food is well worth it! Riches beyond your wildest dreams: butter-golden pains au chocolat, cappuccinos with ferns drawn in dense foam and croque monsieurs turbo-loaded with ham, two kinds of cheese and béchamel. Don't be dismayed by the inevitable line out the door – it moves fast – but be aware that lolling in Dolores Park is the only possible post-Tartine activity.”
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“Stop by here on your way to and back from Dolores Park for some of the best ice cream this city has to offer. Try the Salted Caramel!”
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“In central SF - and near SF MOMA, Metreon and Yerba Buena park so you can split up and do a variety of things and come back together for lunch and dinner.”
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“Great coffee roaster. You can book classes on how to roast as well as tasting classes! ”
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“Customized blends, it is one of the favorite coffee houses founded in the Mission District. ”
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“When Coffee, fresh toast and a chill vibe are what you see, this is the place”
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“Known for their cappuccino, espresso & Affogato. They also have excellent pastries to go with the coffees. I recommend the croissants- many are sold out by 10 am. ”
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“Beautiful and spacious, is one the favorite coffee shops to make a stop while strolling through Valencia Street.”
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“In central SF - and near SF MOMA, Metreon and Yerba Buena park so you can split up and do a variety of things and come back together for lunch and dinner.”
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“Pier 39 is a shopping center and popular tourist attraction built on a pier in San Francisco, California. At Pier 39, there are shops, restaurants, a video arcade, street performances, the Aquarium of the Bay, virtual 3D rides, and views of California sea lions hauled out on docks on Pier 39's marina.”
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Shopping Plaza
“If you have time, I would recommend heading to Ghirardelli Square to have a warm cup of Hot Chocolate.”
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“2-story shopping center offers name-brand retail shops, department stores, restaurants & a theater. ”
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“Love movies? Make sure you check out the IMAX theater to see all the blockbuster movies!”
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“The Embarcadero is the first place you can visit when you arrive at the piers in San Francisco. Shopping, sight seeing, food and everything else.”
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“Stonetown shopping mall is 10 mins away. It's fun and have everything you need in it.”
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Mat- og drykkjarverslun
“The Market is a local grocery store next door to the home on Market Street. In addition to everything you need for a nice meal at home, from fresh meats, seafood and wine The Market also offers a wide array of freshly prepared foods ”
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“The Mission is known for its murals and Precita Eyes conduct tours adding another dimension to the history and content of the murals. City Guides also gives tours and these are free.”
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“Good for last minute essentials like a bottle of wine, cookie dough, or a box of mac n' cheese.”
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“Great spot to grab artisan picnic/beach food. They have a nice selection of wine, beer, and whiskeys. Great selection of cheese and bread. They makes artisan made to order sandwiches. They sell pastries from famous local bakers like Craftsman and Wolves, Tartine, etc. They also sell the ever delicious, BiRite ice cream (local brand). ”
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“Specialty Food Store with amazing prepared options and homemade ice cream. ”
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Kínverskur veitingastaður
“James Beard Award Nominated design, interesting and exciting food and a great hidden gem of a bar upstairs.”
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“Fast and delicious, don't be fulled by their simple look. One of the best price/quality places for a quick lunch and or snack. It closes at 7:30pm. The company also has a store on Mission known to have the best and most fresh fish in the area. ”
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“One of the best sea food market in San Francisco. Walking distance. or easier parking near 23rd and Valencia if you are driving. Live lobster crab choice oysters and clams in tank. staff will clean and filet the fish. Ask for advice from the friendly staff.”
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