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“An unusual 100m waterfall that thunders through a vertical limestone tunnel rather than off an open cliff. With the help of metal walkways, you can enter the gorge to see the torrent – and get a soaking in the process. A botanical garden has taken root on the terraced hillside, making use of the perpetual downpour. The waterfall is just outside the village of Varone and 3km northwest of Riva's centre. Bus number 1 will get you there, or you can walk up on bike paths.”
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“La strada del Ponale è una vecchia strada che risale la valle del torrente Ponale, collegando il lago di Ledro con Riva del Garda. Costruita a metà del Xix secolo, è stata utilizzata per il traffico fino al 1995, anno della definitiva chiusura in seguito all'apertura della nuova galleria di collegamento con Riva del Garda. Dal 2004 è divenuta pista ciclabile e sentiero apprezzato da moltissimi escursionisti. Panoramica ”
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“The Strada del Ponale connects Riva del Garda and the Valle di Ledro. Originally built in the second half of the 19th century, it was replaced by a modern tunnel only 20 years ago. Since 2004 it has been closed to traffic and limited to cyclists and hikers. Thanks to its position and architecture, the old Strada del Ponale is one of the most beautiful historical panoramic roads in Europe. We start our hiking tour in the centre of the village Riva del Garda and hike along the shores of the lake, passing the old hydropower station. After about 1 km we cross the Gardesana road and follow the signpost D01 towards Ledro. Soon we reach the wonderful panoramic trail carved into the rocks and leading through small tunnels. After further two km of steady and gentle gradient the trail turns right and we look down to the beautiful bay at the entrance of the Valle di Ledro. Here, the road divides into a bicycle track and a hiking trail. We cross a bridge before we hike up some steps to reach a forest road. From here, we continue our tour into the Valle di Ledro. After a short asphalted section (Pregasina road) we pass the village Biacesa. Crossing the village Pre di Ledro we hike upwards towards Molina di Ledro and finally reach Lake Ledro with its very interesting pile-dwelling museum.”
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“Ottimo posto per trascorrere una bellissima giornata godendosi il sole, il panorama e per i più temerari un bel bagno nel lago di Garda. Zona atrezzata di tutto l'occorrente, parco giochi per i più piccoli, piscine galleggianti, bar ristoranti, pista pedonale, pista ciclabile e molto altro ancora.”
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