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“125 years old restaurant, with modern style interior, Kafka, Capek and Einstein liked to visit it. Good atmosphere, very good quality food, excellent breakfasts and not expensive lunch.”
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“One of the biggest shopping malls here in Prague. Definitely recommending! Clothes, food, coffees, cinemas and many more!”
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“12 mins by public transp./ the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art is a multi-functional space created thanks to a private initiative through the reconstruction of a former factory in Prague’s Holešovice district.”
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“One of the oldest cafes on Prague. You can see the National Theater, Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle from your table enjoying a cup of hot coffee or a glass of good wine”
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Sjálfstætt kvikmyndahús
“4 mins walk/ Bio Oko is a single-screen cinema from 1940 . It is one of the hitherto preserved and operated cinemas from before 1990 and since 2007 it has focused on non-traditional and art production. If you are a fan of art cinemas, Cinema Bio Oko should be on your radar. Cinema is located in the popular Letná district and features both contemporary and art movies, a creative program with festivals that you won’t find anywhere else.”
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“COFFEEEEEEE!!! Yes, this is a place to go for coffee lovers. But there's also a great selection of breakfasts and other bites including all the hipstery-yummy-avocado-quinoa-superfoods that are fashionable these days :) You are not allowed to reserve a table here, so first come first served, others wait in line (don't forget to ask the waitress for a number to get a table).”
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“Black Angel's Bar in Prague is designed in the style of 1930s restaurants, the so-called 'public houses', where people of all social strata met their friends after a hard day’s work to cheer the spirit with a good drink, which was then quite unaccountably banned. Located on the second lower level of the hotel U Prince in Old Town Square, it was previously called the Black Angel. The premises with the original Gothic and Romanesque masonry, which creates an atmosphere of secretly 'getting together’, immerse you in the mood of black and white films, where the names of cocktails are not just void of meaning.”
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“That’s the problem with drinking, I thought, as I poured myself a drink. If something bad happens you drink in an attempt to forget; if something good happens you drink in order to celebrate; and if nothing happens you drink to make something happen.“ And with that Bukowski quote from Women, you can see why there are always several bar flies buzzing around: what else is there to do in bar-situated Žižkov? Drink. You drink till the streets wind even more. You drink until people become interesting. Friday and Saturdays you’ll find yourself packed in, swimming in cocktails. ”
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“only 160m/ representative of underground coffee-style - beaten walls, designer interior, large windows, plenty of space, relaxed atmosphere. Add to that a selection of coffee, homemade lemonade, a plethora of alcoholic beverages and a full-day bistro offering lunch and dinner.”
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“5 mins walk/ one of the most pleasant places on Letná, excellent coffee, daily lunch menu and perfect gluten-free sweets.”
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“Amazing place to visit in Prague! So many fantastic cakes. Nice cafe space with both inside and outside seating. Atmosphere inside encourages you to stay for a long time.”
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Czech Restaurant
“Czech pub with a history of good beer (Pislner Urquell) and offer very good czech traditional food. ”
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“Original space, bistro cafe with beautiful industrial space. Very good brunches”
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“Experimental Space NoD Bold and off-beat theatre and dance performances, art exhibitions, audiovisual events and a café. All this in one place located in the very center of Prague. The program of the venue consists of three key dramaturgy lines - theatrical Teatro NoD, artistic Gallery NoD and Events NoD. ”
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“Smack dab in the gritty part of Žižkov, you will find this gem of a movie theater, which opened originally in 1933! It mainly focuses on independent, artsy films and each month shows around 35 different titles. They often host various film festivals and they even sponsor a short film contest every year. And the movies they play are only half of the experience: they have a fabulous bar (non-smoking until 21:00) and an outdoor seating area in the summer. If you get hungry, there is a fast food stand where you can get all sorts of Czech, greasy treats. This truly is the best movie theater in Prague! ”
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Cultural Center
“Creative center in Holešovice with coffee shop, dance studio, small cinema, with a lot of different events held during the year.”
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