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“The remains of the 15th century Venetian watch tower built by the then lord of the island Somnaripa, an addition to the typical medieval walled city of Naoussa to shield its economic activities and its population from the raiding corsairs. Little of those walls remains since the city fell to the Ottomans, but this dilapidated monument paints a lovely picture of how historic circumstances have shaped the character of the island. ”
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Sögufrægir staðir

Sögufrægur staður
“ In the wider area and within the rocky volumes we find the Mycenaean citadel on the hill of Koukounaries. It is an important settlement of the period after 1200 BC, fortified with "cyclopean" walls and a palace. The settlement was destroyed by fire after a siege and siege and was abandoned. A section of the settlement was once again inhabited in 1100 BC. For a short time. A new city flourished during the Geometric period (10th-8th century BC) and a temple was built for the goddess Athena.”
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