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“Located in the center of Osaka, the surrounding area is a business district. It is a mysterious spot where history and current business live together. Japanese castles are very popular with foreign tourists, and many people come to enjoy Japanese history and romance.”
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“Umekoji Park (Umekoji Koen) is a large, multi-purpose park west of Kyoto Station in the south of Kyoto. The large grounds of the park are home to the Kyoto Aquarium and the Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum. Umekoji Park has wide open spaces for ball games and leisurely picnics as well as a walking course and a children's play area with swings and slides. ”
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“It is called Oasis of the downtown area. And also there are some opened-cafe on the waterside. Around Nakanoshima, there are many administration, museum, commercial facilities.”
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“It is famous "Taiyonoto". That look is very strange but it is symbol in this area. In the night, that's eyes shine, you will be surprised. Near, there is a big shopping mall, you can also enjoy shopping.”
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“Utsubo Park is a large public, urban park, situated at Utsubo-Hommachi in Nishi-ku, Osaka, Japan. The park was constructed at the site of a former air field of the United States Army, so the land is a long rectangle shape characteristic of a runway.”
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“Nagano Park comprises five park districts spreading at the foot of Mt. Kongo. Visit your favorite place and enjoy watching seasonal flowers, strolling in the forests, and watching wild birds.”
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“Fun park and outdoor space for families. Lots of small cafes and restaurants.”
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“Huge park! Our favorite!! Great place for a jog, walk, picnic and for kids to play!! Lots of fun play equipment. ”
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“Iwatayama Monkey Park (Japanese: 嵐山モンキーパーク, Arashiyama Monkī Pāku) is a commercial park located in Arashiyama in Kyoto, Japan. The park is on Mt Arashiyama, on the same side of the Oi River as the train station. It is inhabited by a troop of over 170 Japanese macaque monkeys. The animals are wild but can be fed food purchased at the site.”
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“A riverside park boasting water, greenery and cherry trees, which is built on the river terrace between Kema Araizeki (overflow weir) and Temmabashi Bridge. Incorporating classical buildings such as the Mint, Water Square and walking trails, the park is a good place for strolling and jogging. It is known as a cherry blossom-viewing spot for its magnificent 4,800 cherry tree”
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“City park with a children's playground & a variety of exercise amenities, including rock climbing.”
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“The 65.7 ha. Nagai Park has facilities for enjoying sports and the outdoors, including Nagai Stadium, the well-known venue for the Osaka International Ladies Marathon held every winter, and the 2002 FIFA World Cup preliminary games. The park has two athletic stadiums, ball game grounds, swimming pools, tennis courts, workout facilities, and a sports center for the disabled. 5 minutes walk from JR Hanwa Line Nagai station. This station is 1 minutes ride from JR Hanwa Line Abikocho station which is 8 minutes walk from here.”
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“Daisen Park is a huge park with many Kofun located in Sakai, Osaka. It is located on the south side of Nintoku Kofun. There is a large play ground, kids facilities, library, Japanese gardens and Kofun. It is chosen as one of 100 best parks with history. It is also popular Sakura spot in Sakai. There are 400 Sakura that bloom in April. Daisen Park is approximately 35 hectares in size, located between Daisenryo Kofun (said to be the tomb of Emperor Nintoku) and Kamiishizu Misanzai Kofun (said to be the tomb of Emperor Richu). 5 minutes walk from JR Hanwa Line Mozu station. This station is 12 minutes ride from JR Hanwa Line Abikocho station which is 8 minutes walk from here.”
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“Hamadera Park is one of the oldest parks in Osaka. this park was designated as a public park in 1873. Since then, while its beautiful pine groves have been carefully nurtured, new entertainment facilities, including a swimming pool with a giant slide and a rose garden, have been constructed one after another in this comprehensive park, making the park very popular with the public. 1 minute walk from Hankai Line Hamaderaekimae station. You can go straight from Abikomichi station to Hamaderaekimae station. ”
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“It's a big park with some facilities for sports such as tennis courts, pool, ice link(winter season) and baseball ground. Here used to be hisroric battle field which is the winter campaign of Osaka in 1614. ”
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