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Top recommendations from locals

Ski Area
“In 1972, in this area was held winter Olympics. If you crime to the top, you can view Sapporo city. And you will be able to experience like the sky jump player.”
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“这是一个精致的动物园,可以看到热带、温带、寒带、高山和极地的动物。当然还有北海道当地品种的狼、熊、鹿等,足够让你大开眼界。园口近处还设有儿童动物区,非常的贴心。 Maruyama Zoo It is an exquisite zoo where can see tropical, temperate, frigid, alpine and polar animals. Of course there are also local breeds of wolves, bears, deer from Hokkaido, which is enough to make you eye-open. There is a child animal area near the gate, which is very intimate. I strongly recommend you to visit. ”
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Theme Park
“Shiroi Koibito Park (白い恋人パーク) is a theme park by Ishiya, a local chocolate company. The company's flagship product is the Shiroi Koibito cookie, which consists of two thin butter cookies and a layer of white chocolate in between. It is one of the most famous souvenirs from Hokkaido. The park consists of a free area with a shop, cafe and restaurant and a paid area with various chocolate related exhibits and, most interestingly, a few large windows through which visitors can observe the cookie production process in the factory. It is also possible to create your own cookies in hands-on workshops. Another part of the Shiroi Koibito Park is a soccer field that serves as the practice ground for Consadole Sapporo, the local J-League soccer team. ***IMPORTANT NOTICE*** The paid area of the Shiroi Koibito Park, including the factory observation area, is currently closed for renovation until July 11, 2019. The free area is open as usual.”
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Place of Worship
“Hokkaido Shrine, the tutelary shrine for Hokkaido, comes alive with visitors during flower viewing, festivals, and hatsumode (first shrine visit) Open: Summer season: 6: 00 ~ 17: 00 Winter season: 7: 00 ~ 16: 00”
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“In 1964, the “God of Emperor Meiji” was also enshrined here, and the name was changed from “Sapporo Jinja” to “Hokkaido Jingu (Hokkaido Shrine).” Its 180,000-square-meter precincts are also known as one of the best cherry blossom-viewing spots. The shrine burned down in 1974 and was restored in 1978.”
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“It's a huge park and you'll feel beautiful for seasons in Japan!! Cherry blossoms and autumn leaves. There is also one of the oldest shrine in Hokkaido.”
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“ハラール対応、マクロビメニューやオーガニックフードが食べられます。 【場所】地下鉄東西線 円山公園駅または西18丁目駅から徒歩7分  円山公園駅から382m  Halal food, Macrobiotic food and organic foods are served in this restaurant. 【location】Maruyama Koen station or Nishi 18 chome station are the nearest subway station. 7 minutes walk from subway stations.”
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“Mount Moiwa (藻岩山, Moiwa-yama) is one of several small, forested mountains southwest of central Sapporo. The mountain is a popular sightseeing spot that is known for the spectacular view out over the city from an observation deck at its summit. The view is especially beautiful after sunset. ”
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“The local ski area that can be reached easily by bus. Family friendly and great for first timers.”
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Sublocality Level 2
“Sapporo is one of the most famous night view cities in Japan. This mountain has a ropeway, so you don't need to climb up it. If you like climbing the size of mountain is good for beginners.”
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Amusement Park
“"Shiroi Koibito Park" Shiroi Koi Bito is one of famous white chocolate cookie born in Hokkaido. This snack is sold as souvenir. What you can do here are to watch how the cookie is made and make your own Shiroi Koi Bito. Visiting the factory is quite fun to do more than you expect. ”
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“A park overlooking the Ishikari plain, the Sea of Japan and Sapporo city. Popular as a romantic nightscape spot.”
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Place to eat
“Curb Market (札幌場外市場, Sapporo Jōgai Ichiba) consists of nearly 80 stores and restaurants lined up along several blocks just outside of Sapporo's Central Wholesale Market. One of the city's largest public markets, the Curb Market specializes in Hokkaido seafood such as crab, sea urchin, salmon roe, squid and scallops, and local produce such as corn, melons and potatoes when in season. The market's shops cater to both locals and tourists alike, and have a good selection at reasonable prices. Like other seafood markets around Japan, an excellent way to experience the market's offerings is to have a meal of fresh local seafood served over rice (domburi) at one of the local restaurants.”
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“You can buy grocery, clothes, shoes and more! There're are some restaurants on the upper floor, too. ”
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“Recommended, sushi goes round. it may take 7 mins to walk though, worth going. 少し離れていますが付近では一番オススメの回転すし”
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