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“Main Ice cream shop in cuba, located in the main corner of Havana 23 and L. The Iceam here are sold in Cuban Pesos.”
  • 58 íbúar mæla með
“The original home of the Partagas cigar factory still exists as the perfect browse for cigar aficionados and newbies! Of the original complex which housed the factory, worker’s housing only the shop remains. ”
  • 26 íbúar mæla með
“Stylish bar located in an elegant colonial style villa. Many times there are fashion shows, where Cuban designers show their latest collection.”
  • 12 íbúar mæla með
“This is the classical cubans place to go for ice cream. In a very centrical corner.”
  • 20 íbúar mæla með
“This is the former home of the Pedroso family one of Havana's noble families, Don Mateo was the alderman of the city. It is notable as having a 32 metres continuous balcony which is one of the longest in Cuba. It now houses many artisan and artists shops. One of the most notable shops is the cigar shop with cigar related posters and memorabilia on the courtyard walls. You can arrange so they can teach you how to smoke a cigar. Small local music and dance groups provide entertainment for those stopping for refreshment. The courtyard looks fabulous with the green vines. Worth a visit to get a glimpse back to an 18th century mansion. ”
  • 21 íbúi mælir með
“Address: Calle 19 e/ A y B, Vedado. Description: This "gourmet" market is a temple of the Cuban gastronomy. The Mercado Agropecuario "19 y B" is a must visit because it is the best showcase of raw materials of the city. Its offers vegetables, fruits, fish and meat. Here is what is not found anywhere in Havana.”
  • 21 íbúi mælir með
Home Goods Store
“From essentials to food, here you can find what you need for your day to day.”
  • 8 íbúar mæla með
Verslun fyrir ýmislegt
“Recycled clothes store currently very popular in the young alternative scene; interesting/unusual/quirky designs. Definitely worth a look.”
  • 19 íbúar mæla með
“The atmosphere of the aficionado and due to the distance from the city center, this club is frequented by hard-core genuine 'aficionados'. The smoker's lounge and bar are very beautiful and tempt you to stay that bit longer.”
  • 9 íbúar mæla með
“You can geting around Aguiar street after a gelatto of key lime pie, and go to Callejon de los peluqueros, an option to get lunch or dinner, or visit a workshop of painting, or simply take a mojito. ”
  • 18 íbúar mæla með
“If you like ice-cream YOU HAVE TO VISIT this Italian artesanal ice-cream!!!!!!!! Don’t miss it!”
  • 11 íbúar mæla með
“Puede desayunar, degustar dulces finos y tomar un buen café en el Arca de Noe (ubicado al lado del edificio, Ave. 23 # 660)”
  • 7 íbúar mæla með
Home Goods Store
  • 3 íbúar mæla með
Grocery or Supermarket
Grocery or Supermarket
“"' Farmer's market natural fruits and vegetables. Ideal for make a cheap breakfast inside the room"”
  • 3 íbúar mæla með
Souvenir Shop
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