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Camuy - Almenningsgarðar og náttúra

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“The Parque Nacional de las Cavernas del Río Camuy (English: Camuy River Cave Park) is a cave system in Puerto Rico. It is located between the municipalities of Camuy, Hatillo and Lares in northwestern Puerto Rico. The caverns are part of a large network of natural limestone caves and underground waterways carved out by the third-largest underground river in the world, the Río Camuy (Camuy River). The cave system was discovered in 1958 and was first documented in the 1973 . This is one of the most popular natural attractions in Puerto Rico.”
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“In the Northwest part of Puerto Rico, Las Cavernas de Camuy will take your breath away. Beautiful caverns where you will even get to see hundreds of bats. It's an excellent nature experience. ”
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“The caves are actually 45 million years old, but it took a few million years for nature to adorn their towering ceilings with crystalline stalactites, their walls with flowing stone tapestries.”
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