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“Are you looking for Danish delicacies, local vegetables, fresh fish, or maybe some Italian specialities? Then visit Copenhagen's popular market place Torvehallerne. Torvehallerne is situated right by Nørreport Station, and offers more than 80 shops. ”
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Women's Store
“Nordiska Galleriet is the place to shop here in Stockholm. You will find plenty of different international as well as national brands here. Most of them are pricy. You can also find food and cafes here.”
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Delí eða bódega-verslun
“Supermarket, restaurant and bar in one place. The small square Nytorget are full of nice small shops, restaurants, bars and cafés.”
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Street Art
“Go to the 8th floor to experience rooftop bar, where you can also have sushi and other Finnish delicacy. Very pretty and Instagram worthy! ”
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Deildaskipt verslun
“This is a really nice department store, where they have various departments - everything from accessories, clothing, home decor etc. They also offer 10% tourist discount on some items. Just remember ID, to show that you live in another country. Opening hours: 10:00 - 20:00”
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“Some of the best roasters in Copenhagen. Have a great coffee and small breakfast here!”
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“Great area to be, local designer's shops, streetfood, cafes, restaurants, bars and exhibitions. Live music on weekends. ”
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“Totally vegetarian place. Big variated buffé. Serves alcohol as well. Sit outside in the garden with beautiful views overlooking Stockholm Old town and other parts. Beautiful at sunset.”
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“This is the centre of a supermall. You can almost get anything from here. Although, prices are quite crisp as well.”
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“One of the largest shopping centers in Denmark with a large collection of shops, including a very large supermarket (Bilka) and cinemas. Right next to a Metro station and with excellent parking. Also located next to Royal Arena - the largest venue in Copenhagen for concerts and sport events.”
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“Biggest shopping mall in Gdańsk;) Everything you need - brand clothes, perfumes, Carrefour market and fast food brands you know very well.”
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“Shopping Center in the Old Riga. Primarily aimed at Tourists but has a wide variety of stores, which you may enjoy. ”
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“If you are looking for all day shopping this is the best option for you. Take the train from the central station to Solna. In this big shopping mall you have everything you need in stores, restaurants and cinemas. They also have a service where you can leave your jackets/bags if you like.”
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“If you want to spend time shopping, here you will find a number of brand stores and good restaurants for lunch”
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“Solaris is a cultural shopping centre located in the heart of the city. Solaris Food Store – The largest and most exclusive grocery store in the city center, offering positive emotions as well as groceries and essentials at a stellar price-quality relationship. Solaris center has a wide selection of some the best Estonian and Nordic design, surprising gift ideas and a variety of shopping options. Here you can find original pieces from internationally appreciated Estonian artists that range from jewellery to furniture, from textiles to ceramics. Variety is exactly the reason why local people buy design and gifts from Solaris centre.”
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“ If you are looking for shopping please visit the Riviera Gallery on Kazimierza Gorskiego 2 street (2-3 km from house). This is the biggest shopping center in Poland (300 buttiks&shops with restaurants, Starbucks, cinema and gym).”
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Farmers Market
“Riga Central Market is situated in the heart of Riga, a few hundred meters from Old Town (7 min walk distance) on the banks of the River Daugava, next to Riga International Bus Terminal and Central Railway Station. It is not only one of the largest marketplaces in Eastern Europe in area, but also one of the most visited, as 80,000-100,000 people shop there per day on the average. Architecturally-imposing food pavilions, built in the 1920s, are Riga Central Market’s calling card. Originally used as military airship hangars, they were later transformed into market venues. Riga Central Market is unique not only with its pavilions but also with its old warehouses or the so-called spikeri (from German Spéicher), which have now been turned into a hip arts&entertainment quarter. In 1998, the vast territory of Riga Central Market was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list. At Riga Central Market, you can buy Latvian-grown and homemade products, exotic fruit and spices, as well as manufactured merchandise. The market includes 5 pavilions each with its own category - vegetables, dairy, meat, fish and gastronomy products, as well as an outdoor area with stalls and stands, the Night Market and ‘Round the Clock Farmers’ Market. It’s also true, however, that the Market’s distracting hustle and bustle is fertile ground for swindlers and pickpockets, so be careful! ”
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“Market Square. At summertime this is the place for fish food. The ferries to Suomenlinna and to the Zoo island leaves from here. ”
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“Indulge in seafood Fish and shellfish is a real speciality in the port city of Gothenburg. Shrimp sandwiches, newly caught fish in classic and modern dishes, clams and oysters - the selction is huge!”
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“Fish shop with a few bar tables. Best fish’n chips in town, bacalao and other great seafood.”
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“The Market Place is one of the must-do's in Helsinki. This is also where the ferries for Suomenlinna depart. Additionally, in summer time connection boats to Korkeasaari Zoo, Vallisaari and Porvoo depart from here, as do the numerous Helsinki sightseeing cruises. So this is the epicenter of maritime Helsinki. The Presidential Castle is located on the opposite side of the Market Square. However, please do not mix it with the Swedish Embassy (yep, we are old neighbours with long complex ties in history). ”
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“You can watch the harbor and the local fishing boats. If the weather is good it’s alway full of live and people. You can buy great fresh fish next to the Deli, Adamsen Fish. The food at Adamsen Deli is not gourmet, it’s easy simple fish food typically with fries or bread.”
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“This indoor street market is great on a rainy day when you are in a group that has different needs. There are all kind of food stands for everyone's wishes, such as burgers, pizzas, Mexican, Japanese and Lithuanian.”
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“Magnarps harbour is the closest harbour and beach. There is also a fishmonger and in the summer a icecream stand and small restaurant.”
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