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“Meilleure pâtisserie. C'est également la plus ancienne pâtisserie de Paris ! Best and oldest bakery in Paris!”
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“the best hot chocolate in the world (although it’s closer to drinking chocolate). Their pastries are also wonderful; I recommend eating breakfast there. You’ll probably need to reserve or else queue for ages, as this has blown up since I used to go as a student.”
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“Music Hall, co-Founded in 1888, by Joseph Oller and Charles Zidler, the co-creators of the Moulin Rouge, today easily recognizable by its giant red glowing letters announcing its name. It opened in 1889 as the "Montagnes Russes" but was renamed the Olympia in 1893. Besides musicians, the Olympia played host to a variety of entertainment including circuses, ballets, and operettas. However, following a steady decline in appearances by the great stars, from 1929 until 1944 it served as a movie theater. ”
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“Every self-respecting Parisian shops at this temple for new brands and vintage! There are so many rooms, each with interesting decor like wooden logs stacked next to sweaters and telephone receivers hanging from the ceiling. It’s all well organized, too: Scarves are tied to poles, plaid shirts are rolled in baskets, and denim is folded on shelves. Go straight to the back for high-waisted leather pants, Levi’s jackets, or 501 shorts for the summer. Anything used is marked with a black tag.”
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“- Lockwood , 73 Rue d'Aboukir, 75002 Paris Hidden away in one of the best caves in Paris – all stone walls with secretive stone alcoves, Lockwood is a " rocky-cocktails-aperitivo-beverage-sharing dinner plates-fun" Open hour 6.00 pm to 2.00 am ”
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“ Le Delaville café , 36 boulevard Bonne Nouvelle its a beautifuk café, restaurant and uptair they have also a lounge, its very Art deco i really like it aslo. the deco inside it worth a visit ! ”
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“For breakfast or late brunch with friends. Just around the corner! Don't miss the hazelnut chocolate spread (Belgian chocolate) :o) 2min walking distance”
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“Less famous than Ladurée but better in taste (every macaron is a little cake combinaison of amazing flavor), highly recommended!”
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“My favorite BAKERIES : •Maison Kayser open on Monday - 16 rue des Petits carreaux (Opening Hours : 7am to 8h30pm, closed on Sunday).”
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“It's a concept: newspapers & falafels or shawarmas, sitting at their communal table!”
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Cupcake Shop
“the best éclair. On saturday and sunday, they also do brunch (19€) in the boutique located 31 rue Lepic 75018 Paris.”
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“If you have some additional time - after you did all the touristic stuff you wanted to do! - you should definitely go and hace a look at this cool unusual museum. You'll discover how chocolate is made of, the discovery and use of chocolate accross history and over the world, and even be able to taste a homemade praline”
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“Have you tried the 365+ cheese sorts that are produced in France?! You can have here a very good choice of quality cheese at a good price. 5min walking distance”
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“A popular wine bar with some table outside. Next to G.IV, Caminito and others.”
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“Charcuterie dish for two : 8.50€ Cheese dish for two : 8.50€ One glass of Corbières red wine : 3€ Best time to go there : morning time and quick lunch.”
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Franskur veitingastaður
“Théâtre avec plusieurs salles, un bar au 1er étage avec du stand up ou des soirées karaoké et un restaurant au 2ème étage avec terrasse seulement connu par les artistes !”
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