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An apartment like no other in Porto Alegre. Amazing loft style apartment with brand new windows all around. 200 square meters for you to enjoy. Windows looking 300 degrees around the city. 2 Bedrooms, 1,5 bath, spacious kitchen wide dining area and life size living room. Cleaning every week included as well as water and electricity. Your typical day there might look like this!

As you get up quietly so your partner can sleep a little longer you make sure the curtains are closed to maintain the night a little longer in the room. It's January and at 6:30 the early morning rays glide horizontally through the living room, on the black and white floor the sun only arrives a little later.
“Face yourself to the sun and church tower and take a deep breath in”. No time for a sun salutation like the present. 15 Minutes later you jog down the stairs and join the “fit crowd” with a couple of laps around the park, how many you´re gonna make today? 3 or 4? The morning sure is delicious! At 7:15 you run back up the stairs, turn on the coffee maker and jump into a wonderful full pressure shower. 10 minutes later you walk into the bedroom with a cup of coffee and open the curtains. Your bed and partner are laying there in the morning sun, “could life be any better?” you wonder as you get dressed. Quick breakfast and at 7:52 while whistling your favourite tune, you run down stairs to pick up the 8 o'clock bus at the corner. Ready for a brand new day. “Go get them tiger!”

It's 7.30, you know because your partner has just woken you up with a kiss and a cup of coffee. You just had that delicious hour in the dark room when the entire king size bed is just for you together with the warm pillow that smells of the one you love. Luckily you left your shades on the bedside table because the sun is out as if it were at a party. You sit up and stretch in the warm sun watching your partner getting dressed. The day lays before you like an empty page in your favourite novel. Sipping your coffee you try to figure out what day it is. With all these activities near by it starts becoming a good idea to get an agenda. Yoga, pilates, portuguese classes and all within a 10 minute walk.
“It's Tuesday love, please close the curtains a little longer, see you tonight”!
On Tuesday it´s functional training, right around the corner, 2 minutes, and class only starts at 10:30. “That class was nuts last week, especially the ropes, it felt as if my arms were pulled out of the shoulders, better slow down a bit today, do they have a lighter rope? Shorter maybe”…… you doze off for a little longer.
It's 9 o'clock by now the black out curtains can barely block the sun from bursting in. “ Sure looks like it's gonna be one fine day” you realize when you are in the shower and see the sun loving crowd gather around the monument in the park. Naked breakfast in the sun, you already start wondering what lunch is gonna be, you caught yourself daydreaming about the brownie from Botanico, the buffet across the street, yesterday, “ How do they do it without the butter” you wonder. Or should you go the restaurant everyone is talking about but few have been, Germina, “Is it just because they know about your morals? Or is there really a change going on as more people are becoming compassionate?
At 10:30 you fly down the stairs and arrive exactly 2 minutes late at the gym.

Amazing, you were able to catch the 5;15 back home! “Crazy day, crazy day! But hey that’s why you are here, right?” And now on the way home already, 4 hours of sun still coming! Quick Whatsapp: “ love come join me for a drink at the new Hawaiian place on the corner, be there in 10! Bring the shopping bag!”

“I feel like making a Pizza, put my hands in the dough, knead it, spread it open on that amazing granite countertop.” “May I just sit there and watch?” Let’s finish our drinks and walk to the super.
As you walk the 10 minutes to the Zaffari you fantasize of the toppings. “Quite nice to have a pretty complete super so close to home, could have a bigger health food aisle but then again, with all the small organic shops around, and an occasional bus ride to the public market in downtown certainly fixes my need for cruelty free cheese” Some locally brewed beers and some Italian Prosecco for with the pizza!

Since you had first seen the kitchen in real life you had been wanting to make a pizza, on the pictures the place had looked big, but in reality it was even more spacious. That rock lay there with a purpose, a mission! What was it again, it had been a while: around 500 grams of flour 1 teaspoon of salt, sugar and yeast, some 300 ml of lukewarm water. “The joy of kneading, an IPA and watching my love in this amazing setting, how did I get here?”

“I never did like kneading, but watching my lover knead, that’s another story, a nice and cold prosecco and all of that in this fantastic apartment, how did I get here”?

Sunset is at 8:30, Pizza in the oven by 8:10!, you even boss yourself around you notice.

It’s 8 o’clock and you pull the sofa open into proper lounging, where are your shades again? The whole park, the 300 degree skyline, the glinstering of the river in the distance. They weren’t lying about that sunset in Porto Alegre, each one is more spectacular than the previous. As you yet up to get another slice and refill you get reminded of the moon which is rising right along the church tower, tough choice where to sit, what to see! Second pizza in the armchairs, by now there are crumbs everywhere. Luckily you realize it’s wednesday tomorrow the day the cleaner comes.

From the chairs you look into the bedroom, the bed is laying there in the bright moon rays!

“Feel like making love?”
“I do, I do, I really do!”

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Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasilía

This is on the edge of the old city centre, right across of the main park. In the weekends there are always events in the park, on Saturday an organic farmers market and on Sundays a flea market in front of your house. Around the corner you find an Irish pub with a weekly pub quiz. 2 Supermarkets open 7 days a week within a 10 minute walk. Many restaurants and bars around. The greatest location to live in Porto Alegre.

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I'm Brazilian born with an Italian citizenship, living between the Netherlands, Brazil and actually all over the place. I have a girl called Emma. I am an independent translator.


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We have a friend living close by who is available when you need support.
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