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Nordigard Blessom is one of the oldes farms in Gudbrandsdalen valley and surronded by four National Parks: Jotunheimen, Rondane, Reinheimen and Breheimen. To keep the houses alive and give our guests an incredible experience we have opened the doors for the public to experience a vibrand 17th century farm in Gudbrandsdalen, in historic and fairytale-like surroundings. A great way to step back in time for a moment but with all the comforts of today!

Welcome to my secret escape!

The Blessom family has for several hundred years operated the farm in the old fashioned way, where several generations are living together.

Nordigard Blessom is a fully operational sheep-farm from the 17th century, where, during the summer months, the sheep can be seen grazing in the lush hills behind the farm. Gudbrandsdalen has a long tradition of welcoming guests, and is widely known for its hospitality. Whith visitors in the house, only the very best of food and beverages were served, and stories from near and far were shared. The village of Vågå was early discovered by English Lords who fell in love with the picturesque timber-framed buildings and the majestic surroundings. Vågå also became a chosen place of retreat amongst artists.

Nordigard Blessom was already back in the olden days a guesthouse, housing numerous artists from time to time. The doors have now been re-opened for the public to experience a vibrant 17th century farm in Gudbrandsdalen, in historic and fairytale-like surroundings. Our primary incentive is for you to experience the unique tranquility of the 17th century log-houses on our farm. However, with modern comfort, Wifi may be used if desired.

The atmosphere at Nordigard Blessom will entice you to slow down, forget the time and enjoy the simple things in life, such as our fantastic surroundings. And if you have a car at disposal, staying with us gives you the perfect opportunity to travel to Galdhøpiggen and Besseggen, or to places such as Geiranger, Stryn, Lom, Valdresflya and Rondane with ease.

Located between north and south, east and west our farm has become the accomodation of choice for those traveling from Oslo - Sogndal, Oslo - Bergen, Oslo - Tronheim, Oslo - Geiranger and Oslo - Ålesund. For those spending time in Vågå related to business or otherwise, the offer of our home-like atmosphere and home-made meals has become more and more appealing. The farm is located a short walk from the town-center with grocery stores within a few hundred meters down the road.

We offer rich traditions, wonderful newly restored wooden houses from the 16th - and 17th century as well as a barn full of animals. A genuine experience with a difference making guests come back time after time. Guests from near and far are welcome all year around.

THE GIANT AND JOHANNES BLESSOM - a Folk Tale from Nordigard Blessom!

Above the priest's farm in Vågå, there is a hill or small mountain, covered in fir trees and with gorges and steep cliffs. It is called the Jutul Mountain. By nature's whim, a gate can be seen in one of the sleek sides of this top. If you stand on the bridge over the river Finna or on the fields on the other side, and see this gate over the leaves of the birches and let your imagination run a bit, it forms a double gate, united at the top in a pointed Gothic arch. Old, white birches stand like pillars on both sides; but their tall tops can not reach the beginning of the arch, and if the gate was a church length longer, Våge church would be stand right under the arch, with roof and spire. This isn't a normal door or gate. It is the entrance to the jutul's palace. It is called "The Jutul Gate", a monstrous portal that the largest troll with fifteen heads can walk through without crouching. When someone in the old days, when there was more contact between humans and trolls, wanted to borrow something from the jutul, or speak with him in other business, it was common to throw a rock at the gate and say: "Open up, jutul!"

A few years ago, I arrived one evening to the priest's farm for a visit. The family was at the seter; there was no one home apart from an old man, who led me to the Jutul Gate when I asked him to. We knocked, but no one opened. I did not find it strange that the jutul didn't want to see us, or that he rarely grants audience now that he is so old; judging from the many traces of rock-throwing in the gate, he has been run down with visitors.

"One of the last to see him," my guide told me, "was Johannes from Blessom, our neighbor farm. But he wished he'd never seen'm," he added.

"This Johannes Blessom was down in København to see justice, because there were no courts in this country in those days; and if you wanted justice, there was nothing to do but to travel there. Blessom had, and his son as well, for he had things to do as well. Then came Christmas Eve. Johannes had talked to the important men and was finished with his business, and he was walking the streets. Suddenly, a man from Vågå came past, wearing a white jacket with buttons like silver coins. It was a large man. Johannes thought he should recognise him, but he was walking too fast.

"You walk fast," said Johannes.
"Yes, I have to hurry," said the man, "I am going to Vågå tonight."
"Oh, I wish I could get there, too," said Johannes.

"You can get a ride with me," said the man, "I have a horse that does twelve steps per mile."

They went, and Blessom had enough trying to hold on, it went through weather and wind, and he could see neither heaven nor earth.
Somewhere, they stopped to rest. He couldn't understand where it was, because they set off again quickly, but he thought he saw a dead man's head on a stake there. When they had travelled another while, he started freezing.
"Darn, I lost one of my mittens where we were resting; now my hand is cold," he said.
"You'll have to endure," said the man, "it's not far to Vågå now, and where we rested was at the half way mark."

Before they reached Finna Bridge, the man stopped and let Johannes off.
"You haven't got far home from here," he said, "and now you have to promise that you won't look back if you hear noises or see light."
Johannes promised and thanked him for the ride. The man drove on over the bridge, and Johannes started walking up the hill to Blessom farm. But suddenly he heard a loud noise from the Jutul Mountain and the road ahead of him was lit so much that he thought he would be able to find a needle in the snow. He forgot what he had promised and turned his head to se what it was. The Jutul Gate was wide open, and it shone from it like many thousand candles. In the opening he saw the jutul; it was the man he got a ride from. But from that day Johannes' neck was crooked, and it stayed that way for the rest of his life."


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Vågå, Oppland, Noregur

Nordigard Blessom is surrounded by four national parks; Jotunheimen, Rondane, Reinheimen and Breheimen. The farm is a brilliant starting point if you want to explore the mountains, be it by foot in the summer-season, skiing in the witer or by horse-back winter and summer. We're surrounded by abundant wildlife and with a bit of luck you'll see different kinds of deer as well as the king of the forest - Mr. Moose.

Voted one of the worlds most exciting hikes by National Geographic! Visited by 35000 people pr. year and measuring 1743 meters above sea-level this hike offers adrenalin as well as stunning views.

The boat Gjende III and Gjendine can take you into the depths of the wilds at Jotunheimen and Besseggen, with their enchanting surroundings and amazing places to explore. Most people choose to take the boat from Gjendesheim to Memurubu and walk back. The walk normally takes 5 - 7 hours.

The top of Norway and the tallest mountain of Northern Europe rises 2469 meters above sea-level. Not too hard to reach this hike appeals to experienced mountaneers as well as to novices.

Expeditions to Norway’s highest mountain have been made from Juvasshytta cabin for more than 120 years. In the footsteps of pioneer Knud Vole there are daily trips to the summit from 1 June to mid-September.

Organiser: Juvasshytta
Open: Daily, 01.06 – 15.09
Time: 10:00
Price: Adults 200,-nok Children 150,-nok

Galdhøpiggen can also be hiked from the Spiterstulen lodge in Visdalen, with a technically very easy, but still somewhat strenuous climb of 1300 m — nearly 4000 ft. It takes four hours walk up, two hours down. From Spiterstulen, hikers do not have to cross the Styggebreen glacier, and hence a guide is not required. Ardent peak-baggers may count three summits on the route from Spiterstulen: Svellnose, Keilhaus topp and the summit itself.

Bukkelægret is a spectacular walk between Gjendebu and Memurubu. Bukkelægret itself is a steep climb of about 500 metres straight up from Gjendebu. This walk can be done in either direction and normally takes 3 to 5 hours.

Gestgjafi: Ingrid

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Ingrid - 34 from norway. I love to travel, meet new people and explore cultures. My heart belongs to Jotunheimen - the biggest and most impressive mountain range in Norway. Its highest peak, Galdhøpiggen (2469 metres) is the highest mountain in Scandinavia. Besseggen hike is one of my favorit hikes, an truly magnificant experience! I work as a clinical psychologist - and some times a photographer. One year ago I took the best decision in my life: moving back to Jotunheimen, where I grow up, after many years abroad! I enjoy every minits of my new life and I am looking forward to introduce you to my hidden get away in Jotunheimen! Welcome!
Ingrid - 34 from norway. I love to travel, meet new people and explore cultures. My heart belongs to Jotunheimen - the biggest and most impressive mountain range in Norway. Its hig…

Í dvölinni

I (Ingrid) live and work in Oslo, but I spend as much time as possible in Vågå. If I`m not there my parents will take good care of you! They will be happy to tell you what to do in the area.

My father: Sigurd's family derives from Nordigard Blessom and have lived on the farm many generations back. A veterinarian by profession he spends his days visiting farms in the neighboring villages. As a walking "Blessom-encyclopedia" Sigurd will shed light on everything you might want to know about the farm and the area itself.

My mum: Sigurd's wife, Sidsel, is originally from Østfold. After being captivated by the Blessom-heir Sigurd she moved to Nordigard Blessom, together they have three children; Ingrid, Pål and Estin. Filled to the brim with local knowledge she's the perfect hostess and will tell you what's worth doing and seeing in the area.
I (Ingrid) live and work in Oslo, but I spend as much time as possible in Vågå. If I`m not there my parents will take good care of you! They will be happy to tell you what to do in…
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