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Innifalin með öllum bókunum er vernd gegn afbókunum gestgjafa, rangfærslum í skráningu og öðrum vandamálum svo sem vegna innritunar.
Hluti upplýsinganna var þýddur sjálfkrafa.
AKA the"Lower Cabin"

PLEASE SEE "NAPLES MOUNTAIN VIEW UPPER CABIN" listing if this cabin is booked! Both are VERY NICE!!!!

Adult's only please.

Both are private, and comfortable.

Please please please, read this...


My name is John, and this document is intended to help enhance your stay.
There’s quite a bit here as folks keep asking for “more detail”…

Address: 7451 Feather St. Naples, NY 14512

Look for the mailbox and take a right down the hill.

WiFi info: On the fridge.

Please.. Allow me to maintain my self check in and check out ability... Please reach out via email or text to let me know as soon as you arrive and/or check out... I don't relax until I know folks made it and are settled in happily...

YOUR RATE: I have been asked to try to keep the rate to a bare minimum as people really appreciate the value. To accomplish this, I’ve implemented the following measures.

Firewood is not included in your rate. You are welcome to bring your own hardwood to burn. Wood should be 20 inches or less.
I will typically provide a load of wood which is good for two~ days depending how hot you like it. It’s $15 if you decide to use it, please leave the cash in the envelope provided.
Please do not attempt to use the propane heaters, they are intended for Winter use when the cabins are not used so the water doesn’t freeze. Propane is very expensive, hands off please.

I realize managing a wood stove is somewhat of a lost art, but it's a part of the experience of staying on the mountain... We all use wood for heat.If you provide me with an ETA and it's feasible I don't mind getting a small fire going to warm the cabin. It is COLD on the mountain in the Winter time!

A little more info about the cabins:

The Lower cabin is a little bit larger with a traditional bedroom design. It’s down the hill a bit, so a four wheel vehicle would be preferred in the snowy season. (Or you can park up top and walk down)

There is plenty of privacy between the two. I rarely see anyone outside of check in/check out.

Last, please park on the driveway and not on the grass…. There's PVC drainage to the right on the driveway that is underground. It takes run off from the driveway and runs it under the cabin foundation. The driveway is all yours, please use it.
Thanks for that…

DIRECTIONS FROM THE NORTH. (Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo)

From the town of Honeoye NY which is on the North end of Honeoye Lake.

Turn South from route 20A South on County Road 36. (Also called West lake road) There is a small sign that says "Naples 15 mi".
Continue 10~ miles. Feather Street is on RIGHT.
Up hill 1/2 mile to mailboxes/stop sign. RIGHT.
Cabin is 1/2 mile on RIGHT. You'll see the "Upper cabin" first which is right along the road. My black H2 will be there if I am local.
Take either of the next two turns in the driveway, and you'll see the "lower cabin".

DIRECTIONS FROM THE SOUTH (NYC, Binghamton, Hornell, etc)
From the town of Naples NY.
At "Middletown Tavern” turn North on Country Road 36.
Continue 5~ miles. Feather Street is on LEFT. (Just past "Hunt Hollow" ski center)
Up hill 1/2 mile to mailboxes/stop sign. RIGHT.
Cabin is 1/2 mile on RIGHT. You'll see the "Upper cabin" first which is right along the road. My black H2 will be there if I am local.
Take either of the next two turns in the driveway, and you'll see the "lower cabin". This is your rental.

There's no East/West approach to speak of. We're in the valley, so it's North/South approaches from either Honeoye or Naples. Of note! Some GPS will try to take folks on a Westerly trip down the mountain. There is NO OPEN ROAD regardless of what your GPS may think. :-)
Best to roll in to Naples or Honeoye and continue from there. :-)


Check in is 3pm ET, Check out 11am ET. Please be courteous to my cleaning crew and keep to your check out time. ESPECIALLY with CV deep cleaning each time... It's 2-3~ hours per cabin these days... I eat most of that cost.

I will leave the door open and the key on the granite counter.
Please do the same as you depart.
Do not lock up as you check out, I only have one set of keys at the moment for both cabins :-).

Booze, drinking water, food, charcoal and fluid if you’re planning to grill, whatever toiletries you desire. Firewood if desired…

I provide fresh linen, towels and such. Please do not remove your makeup with my towels. They are very expensive to replace.

Your kitchen is pretty much equipped for most cooking. This includes a drip coffee maker.

PARKING especially in the Winter season

While four wheel drive is always preferred… Outside of the most extreme Winter events, a normal 2 wheel drive with all season tires will be just fine.
The LOWER cabin’s driveway is on a bit of an incline. If the weather is less than stellar, you may park near the road in the driveway (Driveway for Lower cabin is “U shaped”, I would suggest the North side)

Note, please park on the DRIVEWAY not the GRASS. The lower cabin has a U shaped driveway. It’s all yours. Please don’t park on the walkway or the grass.


I LOVE well behaved doggies, I really do. But… As I have allowed folks to bring their pooches, I am finding that everyone has a different definition of “well behaved”.
I have had to replace two very expensive carpets and a set of curtains due to “accidents”.
This is simply not a good business plan…
If your pet does not bark excessively, is respectful/friendly, doesn’t “chew” and perhaps most importantly never EVER has an accident in doors…. Then they would be welcome…



If you can’t agree to 100% of the above, please leave Fido, (Fidoette) at home.
I have a name of a great “doggie day care” not far from here if desired. You can put them up for about $27/day~.

TWO LEGGED PETS. (aka “kids”)

I have an adults only policy. There’s just too much natural danger between the wood stove, chasms, water falls, etc etc…
Please plan on coming to enjoy some adult time.


Depending on the season and level of water table the quality of the water may be less than stellar. There’s considerable large sulfur on the mountain which frequently effects our well water.


The cabins are intended and equip’d for couples. There’s no issues with bringing along additional guests, (any more than four people we should talk) but the place is pretty much setup for two people.
I have a few groups of friends who have decided to make this a regular retreat. As long as we’re in agreement in advance, and understand there’s only one “official queen bed” in each cabin that’s not an issue. The “Upper” has a pull out queen in addition to the queen bed, I’m told the lower’s couch is very comfy. There’s a ton of space for air mattresses and such…


There’s no open fire laws in Naples, but there is a “seasonal burn ban” in effect in the Springtime. (Every time I try to bend that rule, I have the fire dept show up and they are not very friendly about it)
The large fire pit by the flag pole is intended for the Lower cabin guests. It can be seen from waaaaaaay down the mountain, if you have a fire there it will be seen. Check with me on the dates if desired.

The town of Naples is five miles South on route 36. There’s a grocery store and just about everything else you may need. There’s two bars in town. The Naples Hotel has some decent food and a nice atmosphere, the “tavern” is more locals with decent fried food including wings… There’s a liquor store across the street from the grocery.
The grocery store’s not cheap, but it’s not tooooo bad. There’s a Dollar store just South of 36 and Main as the basics are well priced.
There’s a decent wood fired pizza place in town called Neapolitans, (I think I make my own) But I believe they will DELIVER if it’s not too busy. Stay away from Mark’s Pizzaria and Luigi’s unless you like tasteless, crap pizza…
Better yet, I have pizza stones in both cabins. Make your OWN! Three parts Robin Hood flour, (high in gluten which makes your crust CHEWY!) one part water, salt and yeast... They sell Robin Hood flour at the store. Let me know if you need help with preparation
If you absolutely must visit “civilization”, Canandaigua has pretty much everything including ALDI’S, (GREAT PRODUCE, some good products, CHEAP), Walmart. (CHEAP PRODUCTS, CHEAP) and Wegmans. (Great products, but ridiculously EXPENSIVE)
They are 17~ miles North East of here.

I’ve spent a ton of time in Napa Valley and more recently Northern Italy… I honestly feel the area is up to par with the offerings of our brethren.

The Wineries along Keuka/Cayuga Lakes are STELLAR and most are open year round…. There are easily 100~ World Class Wineries in the area as well as some microbreweries popping up. Look for the maps in the cabin’s for directions and bearing.

Check the following site if you dig good beer! They actually have a “passport” now that you can get stamped as you go to each brewery. They offer $185 worth of great beer for only $15!!!!
The discounts are a great value and it’s a whole lot of fun!

Grilling and cooking out
Yes, your cabin cabin has a charcoal grill on the decks. Bring your own charcoal and fluid please.

As the cold weather approaches, please keep in mind the skiing in the area is INCREDIBLE. (Hunt Hollow is right next door, Bristol is 12 miles) There's also plenty of snowmobile trails in the area... The winter hiking and cross country skiing is great... There is nothing like a hot tub dip outside in 10 degree weather. :-)

The cabin is heated primarily by the wood/coal burning stove. Wood and/or coal is not provided in your rate, but I am providing it to folks at a reasonable rate. ($15 will cover the cost of a full “ring” of wood. Depending on how hot you like it, it should last you 2~ days.) Please leave the cash in the envelope provided.
You are welcome to bring your own hardwood, or it's also available at the grocery store in town.
PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE PROPANE HEATERS. I have very limited propane in the Winter time without delivery. It’s only there to ensure the pipes don’t freeze in the Winter in between rentals.

Most folks have a general knowledge of how to start a fire and how to use a wood stove.
It’s straight forward. Once started, the more air, the hotter the fire will burn. (And vice versa)
There are three means to control the air intake. One sliding vent on the bottom, one knob on the back, and the vent in the flue.

You must start your fire using kindling. Please re-read that as 99.9% of the fire challenges point to people not using kindling to start their fires. Paper and large logs do not a fire make.
You make kindling by using the hatchet provided and cutting your wood with the grain into slivers… (OUTSIDE PLEASE. Do not use the hatchet inside as you will crack the ceramic TILES…. ) Do not use any combustible or flammable liquids, (gasoline, kerosene, etc) Seriously, one creative gent almost burned the place down with a chimney fire by attempting to use gasoline….

Using the kindling, start a small fire and get it HOT… Add dry, seasoned wood to get the stove hot. If you see a great deal of smoke, your fire is not burning efficiently. Hot fire and less smoke is good.
Best burn temps are between 300-500F~. OVER HEAT is 650+~. Pull the air back if you see temps approaching 650F.

If you’re in doubt, it’s ok to ask.

PLEASE RESIST THE URGE TO CLOSE THE STOVE DOORS WITH ANY WOOD LEANING ON THE GLASS. IT WILL BREAK WITH EVEN THE SMALLEST AMOUNT OF PRESSURE! (It’s not normal “glass”, it’s high temp, clear, ceramic. The last one that broke was over $300 to replace.) Just clear the wood from the door before shutting please.

There are tiny dimmer switches on many of the lights in the lower cabin. They are right next to the normal on/off switches. Look for them as needed.

There’s a “Tap light” on the stove in the lower cabin. Folks seems to miss that one regularly and I have to re-plug it in.
The Globe and “Salt light from Nepal” each have their own switches. No need to unplug them unless you think the government is listening in. In which case, I’ll show you where the “MAIN breaker ” is and you can enjoy your stay free of Big Brother.:-)

I’m a little embarrassed to even put this in here given that it’s so obvious, but circumstance has suggested it’s a good idea… (There are some really bad burns on my 1914 era Mission Oak furniture in the Upper Cabin which make me very sad)
There are quite a few antiques in both cabins. Many are over a 100~ years old…. Please use good judgment and don’t burn candles and such on the antiques… Similarly, the oak chairs in the Upper dining room were made when people were considerably “smaller”. Add in the years of service, and I would just ask that you please be conscious and courteous… My Brother is a 6’4” Marine and he was shocked that the chair wouldn’t hold his 280 pounds as he plopped down…. I had to have the chair rebuilt….
There are working shortwave radio’s from the1930’s. (I typically keep the “Upper” tuned to Radio Havana) Please be extra gentle if you decide to use them.

The burns on the antiques led me to purchase some of those really neat LED candles.... I'm shocked at how REAL they look. They look SO REAL, that one guest tried to LIGHT them with a match... :-)
They are real wax, so please take a good look. If you're unsure, tip it over. If there are batteries on the bottom, I would prefer you don't light them with a match. Look for the remote. :-)

Area’s marked “private”
I move around between the cabins to make repairs, improvements and such. Anything marked “private” is just my crap that I have set aside if I’m staying at the cabin. There’s nothing good there, it’s just “stuff”… I leave renters the very vast majority of the space to do as you will.
Please respect the small private notes as you see them.

There’s 20 full acres of land, two streams, multiple water falls and lot’s of trails on the property. You are encouraged to enjoy!!!
I own on both sides of the streams going down the mountain and just about down to the bottom.
If you see “orange hash marks”, those are the lot lines… Feel free to explore!!

There’s some great snow mobile and hiking trails at both ends of Feather Street as well as State Land/trails down the mountain. (Look for the trail head off 36 just North of Feather.)
On the North side continue to the end of the road. When it ends, go over the small hill and you’ll see the trail heading down the mountain.
On the South side, (South of the Mail boxes), go to “Road Closed” sign and head up the hill. I actually use that as a road to get up to the “third cabin” which is up on Thunder Mountain Road. (2 miles by the trail or 14 miles going around
It’s not for the faint of heart, and I wouldn’t think about it without a four wheel drive, a lift kit and stern resolve.
Speaking of “white knuckle” trails, my PERSONAL FAVORITE is a 5~ mile trail going up the Mountain just East of rt 36. (You may see from the decks looking across the valley in the Winter time, there are lot’s of switch backs)
To get there take Blueberry Hill Rd, (Just North of Feather on 36) and follow it back to the DEC gate. Continue all the way up and along the top of the mountain. It IS driveable, but very rough. Better to walk it or snow mobile.


If you need help it’s typically a phone call, knock on the door, or email away.

WHAT DID I FORGET, OR POSSIBLY NEED TO ADD? Feel free to let me know?!

I would encourage folks to leave comments and thoughts in the "journal" I started since renting in June. There's alot of great detail in there and it's helpful for the next guests.

Most importantly ENJOY YOUR STAY!!!!


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Naples, New York, Bandaríkin

Please note: We are on an artesian well. Depending on the Season and level of the water table on the mountain, there may be noticable Sulfur content in the water. I have two water softeners in line as well as a chlorinator. It is perfectly safe to drink, but I would encourage people to bring their own drinking water.

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Mjög einfalt, Carpe Diem...
Ég er sjálfur Alþjóðaferðamaður. Ég er vottaður flugmaður, sjómaður í bláu vatni, reiðhjólamaður og fyrrverandi meðlimur í „stofnuninni“ sem stjórnandi með IBM. Golden Retriever mi…

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