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Welcome to Serenity by the Sea, your home away from home w/a spectacular view of the Sea of Cortez. We're honored you chose our retreat whether it's for a much needed vacation, a place to write your next novel or screenplay, or a place to rest while you receive medical treatment. Unfortunately our HOA doesn't allow children under the age of 12 as we have a balcony and a pool. We're just across the highway from well known surfing beaches, 20 minutes from San Lucas and an hour from Today Santos.

We are pleased that you have chosen our lovely 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo for your vacation or business needs. Whatever your activity, we want you to enjoy our place and the time you spend in it!

Most likely you are flying in to Los Cabos. Our airport serves both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. It is a beautiful, clean, world-class airport, totally reconstructed following the devastation of hurricane Odile in 2014. I usually rent a car and drive to the condo, a ride of less than a half hour. Check with your credit card company to see if they cover you to drive in Mexico (I know that Wells Fargo and Chase Sapphire do as of this writing) so you do not need to pay the steep mexican auto insurance. You can also take a taxi or a bus. A car is not an absolute necessity here, as, in season, those with cars are usually willing to give you a ride to the market, etc., taxis are always available, and buses run frequently. You must, however be a good hoofer if you plan to walk. We are up a steep hill!
Our property manager, Oscar, will be your contact there. He will take care of your needs. He can also arrange for you to be picked up at the airport if you should desire. Oscar speaks perfect English. Santos, our grounds manager will bring your bottled water and take care of any details that may need attention.He does not speak perfect English, but usually understands everything. Both these gentlemen are wonderful and efficient people! If your stay is in season, from 1st Nov thru May, you will most likely find neighbors in residence who will be able to answer questions, direct you to restaurants, invite you in for a drink (or 2!) and generally make you feel quite at home.

As you approach SJdC from the airport (I highly recommend you take the toll road) Costs about $2.US or 38 pesos more or less. Paid when you exit. Follow signs for San Jose del Cabo, NOT Cabo San Lucas! As the Sea of Cortez appears on the horizon, you will know you are getting close! You will come to a round-about, after toll plaza,
where you will see a huge modern, purple sculpture. Off to the left is our closest shopping plaza with La Comer’, a fabulous supermarket and Chedraui (almost a combo of a grocery store and Walmart is to the right) Just bear to the right, heading south; (sea is on your left) for about a mile. Just before the turn up our driveway on your right you will see ‘La Jolla’ on a wall in big GOLD letters. We are the driveway IMMEDIATELY after this! It is unmarked, has a bump; broken cement at the beginning. Careful! To your right, (look up) written on the wall, high above, you will see ‘Km. 28’ and the words ‘Mar y sol‘. This is it!!! Go all the way to the top of the hill, some 50 yards (more or less) Park where you can. Squeeze in. Parking is tight in season. Head up the stairs...yes there are stairs! Go to 2nd floor. To the right, then again, then left. There is #4 straight ahead, You have arrived! By now Oscar should be there or have arranged for you to get keys. Be VERY careful with keys, as both door and screen can easily lock behind you and lock you out! You do not want to do this! Play a bit with locks as to be sure you know how to set them so this does NOT happen! Inside, you are very secure. The place is quite impenetrable!

Getting around:
If you are driving, you descend the driveway and can only head a very short distance, perhaps 1/8 of a mile or less stay to the far right of the road and prepare to drop down a short, poorly paved (unpaved?) hill. Turn left under bridge and come up on the other side. Prudence as you merge back on to the hwy. This takes you back to the shopping center and the town itself of San Jose, which is well worth exploring. I tell everyone to make sure you have WAZE on your phone as it makes it super easy to get around.

In season, every Thursday night is art walk in town. Great fun, galleries and shops stay open late, folks come out for this! Often there is folkloric dancing on the stage in the Zocalo. All makes for a festive experience. Lots of good restaurants from which to choose. Prepare to walk about town and explore. It’s quaint and charming with much to discover.
There is also a great open-air market in a big field every Saturday morning over in San Jose behind the town on the east side. Ask a resident or local and they will guide you. It’s fun and one can find many interesting items, foods and people there! There is also entertainment, most of which is well worth experiencing. It is free and a great way to spend a Sat. morning and early afternoon.

Cabo San Lucas is a straight shot south from the condo, about a half hour ride. Not being a big Cabo fan, I go seldom, but one attraction there is the dinner cruise, Caborey. Leaves from the harbor around 5:30PM, dancing and drinks on deck, as you cruise around the bay, which is beautiful. I was reminded of Portofino last time I did this. You then head out to sea, the Arch, where the Pacific and Sea of Cortez meet, and are guided to lovely tables below where you dine from 3 or 4 choices, all excellent, and enjoy a truly fine floor show! It’s really one of the best bangs for your buck you’ll get! Go with friends and prepare for a good time! Seek details on the internet. Also book there for less.

While at home:...
The view is spectacular, any time of day! In the evening, often, we have fireworks up and down the coast, totally visible from our deck. Very festive!
We often dine on the deck, or just sit and read.

The pool is always refreshing and a good place for folks to gather. If you are a hoofer, You might go across to the beach but the best and safest way to get there is down the driveway then up the one facing you on same side of hwy., then down, thru the hotel and to the beach. Here, also explore a bit farther north, the entry way off the hwy directly into this complex, as it is here you will turn in off the hwy to the right, when driving, go down a short drive, bearing right...and under the bridge where a guard stands. He will raise the arm for you...continue up the hill a bit, taking first left you come to; proceed cautiously down now staying tight to the right and then...voila, up our driveway! Quite simple after you’ve done it a time or two. This is how we get to our side of the hwy when coming up from the southerly direction w/o having to go all the way up to the round-about and around!
The other beach we go to most frequently is south a mile or so at Palmilla. It is well marked on the hwy. A right turn off hwy. Then left on overpass and down through the beautiful complex of Palmilla. Go about a half mile down, take a left and there you are on the beach. Parking can be challenging, but it is a beautiful beach, great for swimming and snorkling. Also fishing boats go out from here, and bring in catch.

All rooms are equipped with overhead fan and air-conditioning. I find the fans to be most effective in season and the A/Cs unnecessary, as it is usually much cooler. We ask you only use the air-conditioners when absolutely needed and please turn them off when you are not there. Electricity is quite pricey in Mexico! Thank you.

The TV works well and has some truly great music channels on it, so you can have great music day and night, something I much enjoy. We also get the news channels and an occasional movie. If you are a techy, I’m sure you will figure out how to connect your laptop or tablet and have Netflix.
The little washer/dryer actually works great, though the knob does not pull out. Just run thru that quick. It really does get the clothes clean. Also if you’d rather not bother and have a car, there is a laundry service below ‘la Comer’. Park underground. It is at the entry to the mall to your left. They’re good and have quick turnaround.

We do most all our shopping at ‘la Comer’ Isn’t much you can’t find there. Also some independent shops and restaurants. Starbucks is there. Next to it is a fairly recent installation, Kahe, a sushi bar. It is wonderful! Informal, inexpensive, clean and fresh! One of our favorite places for dinner!
Also good shopping at the open air Sat. market in SJ for organics, healthy baked goods, fresh fish, lots more. Lots of great arts and crafts. Folks from all over the world!

Truly, there is no limit to great eateries in the baja. I like to stay fairly close to home at night, so as I mention above, ‘Kaje’ is great! Another favorite of ours is ‘Il Forno di Gio’, a large, beautifully decorated surface under what was a huge palapa, but following Odile, is now tile! Adjacent to a golf & tennis club just past the round-about on the hwy.
My favorite there is a seafood pizza, but they have many wonderful plates. Mostly Italian, but not all. Great service, very reasonable prices. Head north, which means you go south first, under the bridge and up... go to the round-about (circle) continue straight on the hwy. Take the first right, then right again through a little casita with a guard. Parking lot is pretty rough cobblestone. Watch your step!
In town, SJ, many great restaurants. One of our favorites is called, I believe, ‘The View’. On the SW corner of the Zocalo, up a flight of stairs on the sidestreet, a rooftop restaurant that looks NW across the Zocalo over trees, over a large portion of the town. Ever so charming. Always great food, reasonable, nice people.
For super elegant, superb dining, our favorite is ‘Seven Seas’. South a mile or 2 on the north bound side of the hwy. Nestled in a charming bungalow setting, right on the water, choose a full moon night if you can...need I say more? This is one of the most romantic places I know of down there. It’s special! Food, service, atmosphere...all superior! We dress nicely here. Pricey, but worth it!!
Then, also on the beach (I mean literally ON the beach) close to home is ‘Zippers’. This is where you go for fish tacos, hamburgers, beers, dancing..funky fun! Good food (of course) wear what you want! This is low key. First right off the hwy, but don’t head back north. cut across diagonally under bridge toward water. Now you’re heading south on a side road below the north bound lane. There it is on your left.

The shops at Palmilla where we beach, but you turn to the right after leaving the hwy., also has some lovely restaurants and the first in the row to your right is a coffee shop with about the best cappucino you’ll find anywhere! Fri. mornings used to host a wonderful little open air market there. I’ll bet it still does! This area is upscale and beautiful with views all around!
I could go on. Get on out and trail blaze. We will probably learn from you! Truly, the list is endless.

Also, I must mention, though I have not done this yet, there is a pavilion behind the ‘la Comer’ plaza, between the mall and the sea, where you can swim with dolphins! This could be great fun. The other place to visit is the marina. Lots of boats, but also a facility, outdoors that holds dolphins where you can sit at the edge and watch as they glide past, blow, dive and nurture the young. The marina is about 15-20 minutes north west of us. GPS should take you there. You do not go into SJ, but turn right and go over a long bridge, just before town. There are signs. Also some cute restaurants out there, like ‘El Marinero Boracho’, ‘The Drunken Sailor’.

Side trip: You might take a day (or 2) and drive over to Todos Santos, on the Pacific side of the peninsula. It’s about an hour ride if you put Todos Santos into WAZE. One beautiful ride! You arrive in Todos Santos, park and walk. It’s a tiny town of historic visuals everywhere; totally different from the other side of the peninsula. It’s quiet and peaceful, colonial and very Mexican. The Hotel California, which is emphatically believed to be the one mystically described in the Eagles’ song by the same name is an absolute delight. The patio dining offers fabulous fare, just super-delicious food. Probably would be fun to spend a night there...or somewhere in this quaint and sleepy village. I have a feeling there’s much to be discovered here and I plan to return and do just that.

Just a few more words and that’s it.
Remember, you are in Mexico. For your own protection, obey the laws when on the highways. The roads are heavily patrolled these days by Federales and soldiers. If you are out and driving, be sure the driver is capable of driving and not intoxicated. Mexican jails are not pretty places. Treat all people with respect and remember you are a visitor. The better the impression you leave as a representative of your native land, the better it is for all of us visiting Mexico as a ‘foreigner’ I thank you for choosing Condominios Costa Azul #4. My sincerest desire is that you are content with your choice and enjoy a super-max vacation in this beautiful peninsula called the Baja.


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San Jose Del Cabo: 7 gistinætur

17. jún 2023 - 24. jún 2023

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San Jose Del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexíkó

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I've been married to the love of my life, Kris, for 10 years, have raised 2 amazing children, Sarah (23) and Shayden (18) Kris is a VP of Technology which means I have no clue what he does and I own a boutique wellness center/spa in Studio City, CA. I've been an esthetician for 28 years and in addition to helping people look young and fabulous forever, I also work with women undergoing treatment for Lyme & cancer to look and feel beautiful while facing the most challenging time in their lives. We love traveling, exploring new towns and meeting new people and learning about local culture. A big plus about sharing your rental with us is that Kris is an OCD clean freak! We will treat your home like we treat ours. In 2018 we became hosts ourselves after I spent a month renting an airbnb in Cabo while getting medical treatment for Lyme Disease. We learned the condo was for sale and it was so instrumental in my healing (I mean look at that view!) we had to buy it and make it our second home.
I've been married to the love of my life, Kris, for 10 years, have raised 2 amazing children, Sarah (23) and Shayden (18) Kris is a VP of Technology which means I have no clue what…


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