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The house is independent, is located on a first and last floor, its proximity to Tiburtina Station makes it convenient for travel in the city, the interior spaces are composed of 2 rooms, plus a veranda, personally furnished with Rachel, made with eco-sustainable materials such as iron and recycled wood.
The outdoor areas, very large, overlook a terrace of 150 square meters, where I installed a swimming pool with Jacuzzi, a gazebo and a 25 square meter greenhouse.

La possibilità di arredare la casa,in una zona nevralgica di Roma, ad alta urbanizzazione, con particolare attenzione all' ecosostenibilità e al riciclaggio creativo,è nata dalla presenza,proprio sotto l'abitazione, di un Laboratorio Artistico il Cronz Lab. Lo spazio nato 10 anni fa, ci ha permesso di progettare e realizzare letti,cucina,tavoli ecc., con materiali considerati di scarto. Il legno e il ferro su tutto come materie ecosostenibili,trattati con vernici esclusivamente ad acqua, hanno contribuito a dare una caratteristica ecologica all'intero ambiente.

The possibility of furnishing the house, in a neuralgic area of Rome, with high urbanization, with particular attention to eco-sustainability and creative recycling, was born from the presence, just under the house, of an Artistic Laboratory the Cronz Lab. born 10 years ago, it has allowed us to design and manufacture beds, kitchens, tables, etc., with materials considered as waste. Wood and iron on everything as eco-sustainable materials, treated with water-based paints, have contributed to give an ecological characteristic to the whole

The quality of life, our survival and that of future generations depend on an irreproachable cultural management of the environment, supported by regulations, guided by a global conscience and by the sense of responsibility of each of us.

In this living space, I am developing, both individually and collectively practices, actions, and concrete actions in order to open new sustainable ways to living, inhabit and consuming: less release of CO2 and fine powders from combustion of hydrocarbons, separate collection , composting, use of energy from renewable sources; and consequently also the start-up of floriculture activities, urban gardens, green transformations of solar pavements and hanging gardens aimed at the absorption of fine dust, the mitigation of noise pollution, the reduction of thermal excursions and the disposal of CO2 through the vegetative phase

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Róm, Lazio, Ítalía

Gestgjafi: Claudio

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I would like to express to all travelers who use this platform my opinion on the spirit that should move people and decide to share a home. Both as a traveler and as a guest, I believe that the curiosity to know other people in their context, to be able to interact, communicate, compare, exchange information, share culture, art and customs, is the most important and beautiful thing. It is not money or the price incentive that should push people to make certain choices. So to finish, I ask everyone to think about it a lot before booking this house, and eventually choose to go to a hotel where you do not need all this.
I would like to express to all travelers who use this platform my opinion on the spirit that should move people and decide to share a home. Both as a traveler and as a guest, I bel…

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