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Jogo de Futebol no lendário Estádio do Maracanã
O Maracanã é o estádio de futebol mais famoso do mundo, sua importância vai muito além do que ser apenas uma praça esportiva. Aqui é onde brasileiros de todas as regiões do país se encontram movidos pela inexplicável paixão por seus clubes. Nesta experiência, eu quero te levar para o nosso lugar favorito na cidade, para que você possa ser testemunha ocular das partidas de todas as competições (nacionais e internacionais) que Flamengo e Fluminense, clubes rivais que administram o estádio, sediam no Rio de Janeiro. Venha se juntar aos torcedores locais, cantar suas músicas, balançar as bandeiras, apoiar os jogadores e ouvir histórias sobre o passado dos heróis que aqui passaram. Próximos jogos : 14/01 - Flamengo x Portuguesa 18/01 - Fluminense x Nova Iguaçu 21/01 - Flamengo x Nova Iguaçu 25/01 - Fluminense x Boavista 28/01 - Fluminense x Botafogo 01/02 - Flamengo x Boavista 04/02 - Fluminense x Audax 11/02 - Fluminense x Vasco da Gama 15/02 - Fluminense x Portuguesa 26/02 - Flamengo x Vasco da Gama 05/03 - Flamengo x Fluminense
Maracanã football game as a local
We'll meet before the game in a specific place outside the stadium, I'll show the surroundings while we talk about the local football culture. Flamengo and Fluminense play at the Maracanã as their home stadium. We'll join the fans to feel the mood on the way to the main stage to be close to the hard fans so you'll feel what it's like to be a local supporter of soccer!
Sunset Sailboat Tour in Rio de Janeiro
The tour starts at the middle of the afternoon at the pier in Urca near to Bar urca. We will sail by the Fortress of São José, Fortress Laje and Fortress Santa Cruz, and close to the Island of Boa Viagem in Niterói. There will be one stop point at Adão e Eva beach or Praia Vermelha, perfect for picture taking and if you are interested to swim! Then we will pass by the Museum of Contemporary Art and sail back with the amazing view of the sunset on the horizon. There are gorgeous views of Sugar Loaf and Christ the Redeemer throughout the ride, as they are central to the scenery of Rio's coast. The tour finishes after the sunset to make the most of this amazing view of the city. Other things to note You must bring your camera, sunscreen, swimsuit and flip flops.
Foodies about town
This delicious introduction to food and drinks from around Brazil is unlike any other. Over the course of 4-5 hours, we'll eat and drink our way across the most interesting parts of Rio that most visitors never get to see. We'll start in one of Rio's bustling street markets, where we'll taste exotic fruits and street food dishes. After that, we'll head to my favorite Brazilian-Portuguese restaurant in Lapa for a taste of old-school Brazil, where the waiters dress in white jackets, and serve the most delicious salt cod croquettes in town. From there, we'll wander toward Gloria, a beautiful neighborhood boasting some amazing street art and the famous Selarón Steps. We’ll then take a short ride to Flamengo, where we'll taste the uniquely delicious regional dishes, first from Northeastern Brazil and finally from the Amazon. Other things to note: This is a walking tour so please dress comfortably. Although alcohol is offered, there are always non-alcoholic alternatives.
Sunset Sailing Tour
The tour starts in the middle of​ the afternoon at the pier at MARINA DA GLORIA. We sail passing close by the Fortress of São José, Fortress Lage, and Fortes Santa Cruz, in the direction to Island of Boa Viagem in Niterói. Then we also pass by the Museum of Contemporary Art and come back with the amazing view of the sunset in the front of the boat. During all the way we have Sugar Loaf and Christ the Redeemer in the horizon of the scenery. The Tour finishes​ at the beginning of the evening and gets​ the best of the Sunset. Other things to note Try to arrive at the Marina 15 min before and we can board you first. Come with conforteble shoes (preferencialy flipflops).

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Jeep tour beaches hiking sunset photos
THE "FIRST CLASS" TO TELEGRAFO (open groups only MON, WED, FRI, small groups, original strategy, "SIMPLY THE BEST" AVOID QUEUES. 8 hours well spent for the best tour to Telegraph stone (and many surprises !!!). A super package of experiences and exuberant nature, in a comfortable Jeep and a paparazzi to call your own, exploring a 18 beaches region- several inside an environmental preservation area such as SECRETO, PRAINHA, ABRICÓ and GRUMARI . We'll unveil a new region even for many cariocas (the largest urban forest in the world and a 42 km sandbank). CADASTUR-RJ guide on natural attractions and professional photographer. Available in 2 4X4 Diesel legends, the brazilian Troller T4 and the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, king of Dubai's dunes. Insta saffo_phototour. 1) 150 minutes for the beach tour with photos (no extra costs); 2) Lunch time over Marambaia's waters (not included but at great prices), or just enjoy the view; 3) 150 minutes for hiking activities with pictures at the lookouts; 4) 30 minutes for a lush sunset; 5) 90 minutes return and several surprises, with an incredible sky in the region of environmental protection. * Anti-Covid Strategy: 1) windows always opened; 2) Most of the experience takes place in open areas; 3) Wear masks; alcohol 70% plus soap and water available; 4) Only 1 experiment/day to ensure everything is clean. NOT FOR UNDER 6Y
Capoeira Classes for Beginners/Iniciante
You will have an experienced teacher taking care of all your needs in a unique cultural experience. We will take care of your body, doing a full warm-up before teaching basic movements and how to play the musical instruments. Capoeira is an African-Brazilian art-form that blends martial art, dance and acrobatics, under the beat of drums and tambourines. It has its origins in ancient African rituals and it’s now widespread all over the world, linking foreigners and Brazilians alike. Anyone can do it, regardless of gender, body weight, age or nationality. The main goal is that you have fun with us, while learning the basics of our art. You will be taught like as if you are a Brazilian beginner, not like a "gringo". First you will train the basic movements, dodges and kicks and then you will play the instruments and take part in "roda" ritual, a circle where Capoeira is performed. The experience is all-inclusive! LGBT+ WELCOME Overweighed people WELCOME Seniors WELCOME Regardless of age, body type, experience, gender etc. EVERYONE CAN COME, ENJOY AND HAVE FUN! *** Você terá atenção individualizada durante a aula, sendo guiado por mim ou por um dos melhores professores da minha equipe em uma aula especializada para iniciantes. Faremos um aquecimento corporal, seguido de uma iniciação à história da Capoeira em conjunto com o aprendizado das movimentações básicas, introdu Outras observações The classes are open for all people, of all ages! Is an all-inclusive environment that will make you feel in our unique culture! *** Venha com muita alegria! A aula é acessível para qualquer pessoa, de qualquer idade!
Trilha pedra do telégrafo e Fotos
Saídas diárias Desbravamento a trilha da Pedra do Telegrafo, e a Praia da reserva de Grumari, que somente será possível na reserva pela manhã. Onde o cliente terá a experiência de contempla uma bela paisagem da Restinga de Marambaia e as belas praias. A Pedra do Telégrafo possui 354 metros de altitude e está localizada no Parque Estadual da Pedra Branca, no setor Praias Selvagens, no Morro de Guaratiba. A nossa atividade terá duração de 1:10 min de Caminhada até o topo da Pedra do Telegrafo em um percurso de 1,5 km. Após seguiremos para a Prainha, uma das praias que fica no Parque de Grumari, Praias da reserva. (Somente é possível acesso a praia com reserva para o horário da manha 08 am )
Rio Pub Food Tour - All included
**This tour is non-discriminatory, everybody is welcome! :) **Drinks and food are included in the price! Bars and its food are part of the local culture in Brazil. In each state and/or city you'll find different kind of bars with local food. Its an excelente way to explore local gastronomy. With this in mind we will explore some of the top street bars with the best food in town. We will attend a total of 3 (three) local bars. We will focus on the food, exploring the speciality of each bar. **Drinks and food are included in the price!** If you are a group of 3 or more persons, I can offer a group discount through the Airbnb platform of 10%. Contact me. Meeting point will be at one of the subway stations. I'll confirm the meeting point when reservation is made. Any questions, feel free to ask me. :) Other things to note If you are vegan, you won't enjoy as much. If you don't drink beer, send me a message. There is a chance I can customize a different tour. My tours are can have a few changes (different bars and/or neighbourhoods) depending on the circumstances.
Encontre Cerveja Artesanal em Botafogo
Venha comigo num happy hour para vivenciar a cena cervejeira local, conversar com os produtores e degustar rótulos selecionados e premiados. Você será o meu convidado nos locais de destaque da cerveja artesanal em Botafogo, onde os estilos mais apreciados serão apresentados e harmonizados com o melhor da culinária de boteco. Como seu anfitrião estarei apresentando as opções de comer e beber, disponíveis nas casas visitadas e auxiliando na seleção dos rótulos e na elaboração do seu pedido, considerando ainda a degustação de cervejas locais bem como eventuais promoções vigentes. Ao final do passeio você continua se divertindo, pois já conhece os melhores lugares da região. Outras observações O grupo reúne interessados em beber e falar sobre cerveja. Além de provar os 2 estilos de cerveja oferecidos em cada um dos 3 locais, você ainda pode pedir o que quiser e pagar por isso no caixa.

Rio de Janeiro/Zona Norte og það vinsælasta í boði

Get to know Rio main attractions -7h
In this experience, we will pick you up at your place* and take you to visit the most important spots in the city. We will start visiting Christ the Redeemer Statue first thing, so we can avoid lines and get the best shots for your photos**; next, the neighborhood of Santa Teresa, an artistic zone with it's exclusive tram and then the Selarón Staircase, one of the most famous touristic spots of Rio. From there we'll go to the Metropolitan Cathedral, a unique bulding in the Center of Rio. Afterwards, we visit the Tijuca Forest, with waterfalls and wild animals and the neighborhood of São Conrado, where we can see the hang gliders landing on the beach. We stop for lunch*** right after that and by the end you have two options: we can either take you back home or to the Sugar Loaf, where you can take a cable car to the top of this magnific hill. During the whole time, we'll be telling you all about the places we'll be visiting and will anwser all your question. *Pick up at some areas of the south zone of Rio. If you are in another region, like Barra da Tijuca, we will set a meeting point **If we fell like the weather is not good to go right away to the statue we might change the order of the tour to wait and see if the weather gets better. ***Lunch is not price included. ATTENTION: It is mandatory to present proof of vaccination to enter Christ the Redeemer.
Rocinha Favela Tour Rio De Janeiro
Come see and experience the largest and most beautiful Favela in Rio, Rocinha!! I am a local resident of Favela Rocinha, was born here and know pretty much everyone; this is my home and I love this place! I want to introduce you to some of the sights, sounds, smells, and culture of this amazing Favela. I'll accompany you to some breathtaking viewpoints and also take you down the curvy streets to experience a bit of life in Rocinha. Don't worry... Rocinha is very safe and I will guide you down the safest streets and neighborhoods. I'll take you by local shops and markets to experience what life is really like in Rocinha. The price of the tour includes monetary contribution to the local community.
Carnival Backstage Tour at Samba City with welcome drink
On this experience you will discover the behind-the-scenes of the greatest Carnaval in the world! Have a unique and authentic experience exploring the backstage, the secrets, the people working, and the preparations for the parade! What you'll do? During the tour, accompanied by a bilingual guide, you will visit the Cidade do Samba ("Samba City"), the carnival factory, and see from up close how the floats and costumes for the grand parade are produced. You will also learn about the history of Samba and the carnival in Rio. Afterward, you will be able to try on real carnival costumes and take beautiful pictures with them, as well as participate in a SAMBA WORKSHOP with a professional dancer from our samba school. You'll finish by sharing a delicious caipirinha, Brazil's national cocktail! See you at our tour!! Viva o Carnaval!!
Trilha Pedra da Gávea
Iniciaremos a trilha no portão do setor C do Parque Nacional da Tijuca, a maior floresta urbana do mundo. Nosso circuito passa pelos principais mirantes da Pedra da Gávea, os principais ponto históricos. Além de toda a beleza da fauna e flora da floresta tropical. O tempo de trilha é de aproximadamente 6 horas e total de 3 km, fazemos paradas em pontos estratégicos para hidratação e recarregar as energias. Nos dois trechos de escalaminhada usaremos equipamentos de rapel, tudo cordenado e orientado por um guia especializado em atrativos naturais, onde teremos um pouco mais de emoção na nossa aventura. Durante o percurso faremos fotos e vídeos com os melhores ângulos para registrar sua aventura, tudo incluso no nosso pacote. Temos subidas todos os dias.
JipeTour na floresta, Trilhas a pé e Cachoeiras fantásticas
Pegaremos você em qualquer lugar da zona sul do RJ. Vamos passear pelas montanhas, curtindo lindas paisagens da maior floresta tropical urbana do mundo. A bordo de um Jipe Conversível de coleção que é uma atração a parte e possibilita uma observação total deste lugar único no mundo. Vamos caminhar por trilhas na floresta, tomar banho numa linda cachoeira (Opcional ), descobrir lindíssimos mirantes e contemplar a natureza preservada ! Esplêndida Mata Atlântica ! Em meio a vegetação, (macacos Prego , micos, tucanos , bicho preguiça, quatis, borboletas coloridas, podem ser vistas A primeira trilha é de nível leve a moderado dura cerca de 30 minutos. Até um lindo mirante a 690 m de altitude com vista deslumbrante. Visitaremos em seguida a maior cachoeira do Parque Nacional com cerca de 35m de altura. De volta ao Jeep seguimos caminho até chegar a Vista Chinesa, um dos mirantes mais belos da cidade com vista para o Cristo, Pão de Açúcar e zona sul. Faremos o caminho de volta passando pelas praias de São Conrado, Leblon, Ipanema e Copacabana . Ar puro, Natureza belíssima, Caminhada revigorante ! Saúde e Paz ! Garantia : Em caso de chuva cancelamos o passeio e você será totalmente reembolsado ou poderá remarcar para outro dia . Obs: Existe a opção de passeio privado onde podemos organizar esse e outros passeios sob medida pra você.

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Arcos Da Lapa: Mynd
Arcos Da Lapa124 íbúar mæla með
Maracanã: Mynd
Maracanã1.104 íbúar mæla með
Boulevard Olimpico: Mynd
Boulevard Olimpico141 íbúi mælir með
Sugarloaf Mountain: Mynd
Sugarloaf Mountain2.566 íbúar mæla með
Corcovado: Mynd
Corcovado418 íbúar mæla með
Forte de Copacabana: Mynd
Forte de Copacabana48 íbúar mæla með