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    Your inbox makes it easy for you to connect with guests before, during, and after a trip. To access your messages, go to your Inbox and select a message.

    You can filter your messages by stage of trip by opening the Inbox menu next to All messages. You can find inquiries and booking requests under Pending Requests, confirmed bookings under Reservations, and messages you’ve archived under Archive. Guest information and reservation details are also available from the inbox.

    You can mark individual messages using the icons at the top of the message thread. You have the option to mark a message as unread, use the star icon to mark it as most important, or archive it to keep your inbox clean.

    You can also organize your inbox by clicking the filter icon. The Starred filter helps you focus on the messages you marked as most important, and the Unread filter displays only unread messages or messages you’ve marked as unread.

    Note: Archived messages will return to the All messages folder if a guest sends a new message.

    If you host with a team, every team member with guest management permissions will receive the same messages, but can customize their own inboxes using the star, read/unread, and archive tools.

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