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    Got a brilliant idea for a one-of-a-kind experience? Let’s get you started!

    After you complete the identity verification and submit your experience, it’s reviewed to ensure it meets Airbnb’s quality standards and requirements. This process takes about a week while we review both you—the Host—and the experience.

    How it works

    After our review, we’ll notify you of the outcome. It could be:

    • Approved. Awesome! You can now add hosting availability to your calendar and start accepting bookings.
    • Declined. Consider reviewing Airbnb’s requirements and submitting a new idea.
    • Edit and resubmit. You can resubmit your experience after you’ve made a few changes. We’ll provide suggestions in the feedback email. It’s also helpful to review the standards.
    • License and insurance verification. Experiences involving certain technically specialized activities are subject to heightened review and require additional documentation before being published on Airbnb. You’ll be getting a communication from Evident ID, a third-party company that completes these checks for experiences. Learn more about what additional documentation you’ll need to provide.

    If you’re a Host in India, you’ll have a different identity verification process.

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