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Vermont ice fishing is the name of the game! an experience where we meet at the lake and start chasing monsters. I've got all the gear to stay comfortable on those cold days, and there are some beautiful fish to be caught, genuine trophies. You will be jigging bait and setting traps. In hopes of reeling in the prize fish! I look forward to taking your group out ice fishing.

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Gestgjafi á Airbnb síðan 2018
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Howdy folks. My name is Brandon, I am an avid outdoorsman. I have a long history of successfully fishing in the freshwaters of Vermont. Including a LCI record walleye that my first mate caught! I've got a great set up for fishing in the winter with an upgraded shanty- it's a camp on the ice. Come join me for some fun and a chance to land that monster that haunts your dreams. IG: Brandondoylefishing
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There are many pristine public lakes in the area that we've fished and conquered year in and year out. we are focused on catching Pike, Trout, Bass and Walleye.
Follow Brandondoylefishing on IG to stay up to date with the daily catch.
For this experience we will be fishing’s on Silver Lake in Barnard Vermont. You can park at the Barnard general store and walk onto the ice. My shanty is gray and I fly an American flag.
Happy fishing,

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febrúar 2021
We were 8 people, mix of adults and kids. We decided to try something different while in VT skiing at Killington so we signed up for a morning of ice fishing. It’s a unique experience, and Brandon was terrific. He had all the equipment set up when we arrived, showed us how to use everything and would check in on us periodically. It was a cold day so having the heater was really helpful. We did catch about 10 fish across the group, which made the experience fun. I recommend if your looking for an outdoor activity when in the area.
febrúar 2021
Brandon’s’ ice fishing experience was awesome. We were so comfortable in our own heated shanty. He checked in with us several times to make sure we were were doing ok. This was our first time so he helped us get started. What an amazing day!
febrúar 2021
Brandon was super friendly and had a very relaxing ice fishing experience set up for us - bring a thermos of hot cocoa and enjoy!
febrúar 2021
My three friends and I went ice fishing on Silver Lake. It was a great experience and we caught a total of 17 yellow perch. We were shocked by how comfortable it was. Brandon set up a tent to fit all of us and had a heat lamp on a propane tank to keep us warm. He did a quick demo on how to bait the fishing rod, and showed us what to do after catching the fish. He set some tip-ups for us to catch bigger fish but we didn't get any unfortunately. Great experience and we were pleasantly surprised on how fun it was.
febrúar 2021
We had such a great time! Brandon made sure we were cozy and had everything we needed to enjoy our time on the ice. Wish we could have fished all day!
febrúar 2021
Brandon was super nice and the set up was great. I expected to be a bit cold ice fishing, but we were super comfortable in a heated, insulated tent. It was a fun, relaxing time.

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