Outdoor Rock Climbing Malibu

Malibu, Bandaríkin

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You will be led and taught by a PCGI Certified Instructor and will be ready to climb our various routes the same day!
We have Outdoor Rock Climbing routes for all ages and skill levels, from first-time beginners to advanced climbers in the beautiful Point Dume Beach, in Malibu.
All the equipment is provided: climbing shoes, harness and helmet.
Message us about group discount rates.
Other things to note
Bring your camera, gopro, water, snacks and sunscreen

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  • Búnaður
    Helmet, harness and climbing Shoes

Þetta er gestgjafi þinn, Rogerio

Gestgjafi á Airbnb síðan 2017
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Compelled to share his enthusiasm with others. For the last ten years, Roger has taught and guided climbers through some of the most inspiring and picturesque sights in California.
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Point Dume is one of the hidden treasures in Malibu. We will climb a 100 ft Cliff face. A lot of wild life like seal and even whales.
If you are lucky enough you will end up seeing some celebrities or even a filming in progress.

Einkunn 4,98 af 5 í 40 umsögnum.

október 2021
I’m not even sure where to start with my review. I’ve tried a lot of different experiences - in different states and countries. And all of them were great. I have to say this experience of rock climbing work Rogerio was equally a great experience, however what made it stand out was the passion that Rogerio brings to the experience. This isn’t just a business for him- rock climbing is a skill; but what I found of value was that his passion is teaching and coaching people. And that to me is what made this experience stand out. I booked this as a surprise for my brother for his birthday. My brother is the adventurous one in the family. I am not the risk taker; I’m scared of many things- including heights; and as much as I want to try new things- I chicken out. Unless my brother just forces me to do it by buying a ticket for something and then I can’t back out. So the fact that I signed us up for this was big. Anyway I was super nervous and Rogerio knew this. He was so patient with me and made the experience a safe zone. He didn’t judge me; rush me or get frustrated. In fact he did what a true coach does- he paid attention to me and saw I am determined; I am physically capable; but for me it was a mental block. Rogerio never left my side and coached me through the climb. I joked and told him he should be a life coach. Bc the rock climbing was a metaphor for life. He really did coach me to unpack why I was scared; when I froze on the rock he made sure to help me lean into my harness and take a breath so I can re-center myself and regain control. It’s Bc I thought I was not in control- I was having anxiety and Rogerio talked me through it. He was like my own personal Yoda. He balanced my beginner skill set with my brothers adventurous spirit and even coached him to take on more challenges. When I started the rock climbing I didn’t think I would make it up. But with Rogerios help I climbed up twice. And just like he told me- even though it felt so uncomfortable and it was easy to give up the min I felt discomfort- I felt even better that I pushed through the discomfort and walked or in this case climbed through the obstacles. I felt so fulfilled at the end. And it truly was a metaphor for life- it’s easy to cave into the discomfort- to take the easy way out or to run. But the magic and fulfillment in pushing past the discomfort- such a high! Thank you Rogerio- for making my brothers birthday gift a joyous one. We will be coming back to climb with you again.
ágúst 2021
Roger is simply the BEST! He’s patient, thoughtful, and has some great stories to share. I learned a lot in just a couple hours, and he even took some photos for me! 100% recommend booking with Roger — he is the perfect person to try outdoor rock climbing with, especially if you’re a beginner like I am. You’ll feel supported the entire time. Thanks!
maí 2021
Rogerio’s wife did a great job of teaching us how to outdoor climb! We had a little bit of experience doing indoor so we were really excited to try outdoor. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great spot to climb! We learned a lot and it felt entirely safe the entire time.
maí 2021
Best first climbing experience! This was my first time doing climbing outdoors and I was excited but a little nervous. Roger was wonderful: lots of experience, gives helpful tips, and makes you feel at ease. Through his guidance I learned fast and was able to climb all the routes he suggested! Under his guidance I felt motivated and confident. 10/10 recommend, would definitely book again!
maí 2021
We had such an amazing experience with Rogerio. He is an amazing guide and a very nice guy. Highlight of our trip. We will be back!
maí 2021
Roger is a great teacher! With his encouragement, we climbed three times to the top. The view was great ( I’m sure it will be even better when it is not cloudy like today)! We learned that Roger does a lot of different types of sports. We got some advice of fitness and nutrition from Rodger as a bonus! This is the first time for us to do the outdoors rock climbing. We had so much fun! Highly recommend!

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Water and snacks