Chiang Mai Lanna Cooking Experience

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- Pick up by your host, " Then she will take you to visit the local market and continue to her house by local transport or private car.

- Visiting the local village and organic garden.

- Cooking Lanna food together, just like family, talking & sharing experiences with the host family.
The food will be Northern Thai food or Lanna food in the Lanna cuisine, cooked with charcoal stove and clay pot.

- Having a meal together as locals do. The place is in the Countryside, surround by rice fields, fruit orchards and organic garden that will get you in touch with the real locals and you will learn something new. See how locals live, share their culture and eat together with them.

There are 4 dishes to cook including dessert. For example:
Khaow Soi (Chiang Mai Noodles)
Kaeng Hung Lay (Chiang Mai Curry)
Abb Moo (Minced pork wrap in banana leaves)
Sai Aou (Chiang Mai sausage)
Laap Moo Kaou (Mince pork local spicy salad)
Naam Prick Oong (Tomatoes with minced pork chili dipping paste)
Taam Kanoon (Young Jack fruit spicy salad)

The program is organized for Lunch time (08.30 am. -02.30 pm. ) or Dinner time (03.30 pm. -09.30 pm.)
Other things to note
(1) Vegetarian requests are welcome
(2) Children under 12 years old and followers will be charged 60% of the full adult price.
(3) The experience also Includes Travel Insurance (required by Thailand Tourism regulations)
- Pick up by your host, " Then she will take you to visit the local market and continue to her house by local transport or private car.

- Visiting the local village and organic garden.

- Cooking Lanna food together, just like family, talking & sharing experiences with the host family.
The food will be Northern Thai food or Lanna food in the Lanna cuisine, cooked with charcoal stove and clay pot.

- Having a me…

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    The food you cooked.. Fruit in season
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    Ingredient & kitchen tool

Þetta er gestgjafi þinn, Lin, Fah, Joy, Kaew

Gestgjafi á Airbnb síðan 2015
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We are the Love Chiang Mai Team, hosted by Lin (the founder) and the co-host Fah, Joy and Kaew.

We love to cook to share our knowledge of cooking and we love to see the people who enjoy the Thai and Lanna cuisine experience. We would love to share our Thai and Lanna cultures thru cooking and traveling.
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$92 á mann
$92 á mann
$92 á mann


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The host's house is in a countryside town that is a scenic 20-minute drive away from the bustling Chiang Mai city center

We will cook in the open-air cooking and dining area is built from wood and bamboo around of the lush garden with the organic garden, flower, fruit tree.

Einkunn 5,0 af 5 í 35 umsögnum.

janúar 2020
This one. This one. Pick this one. This is the experience you want to book. Much more than a straightforward cooking class, this was an insightful peek into both Lanna culture and Lin’s remarkable life. I left not only with a full stomach but with a full head and heart too. I could not recommend this experience more. Do it.
janúar 2020
Lin was an awesome host. There aren’t enough good words to explain how amazing she is. Her passion for cooking and teaching is next to none. If you want to learn about traditional Lanna cooking style, Lin’s experience is where you want to be. We started the day at the market by learning about new foods and spices in the dishes we were going to cook. When we arrived at the cooking school, Lin showed us her garden with all different types of fruits, vegetables and spices. Then we quickly started preparing our dishes. Be prepared for some hard work because we cooked all dishes in the traditional way as well. All the dishes tasted delicious!!! Lam Daa Daa (delicious in Northern Thai)
janúar 2020
janúar 2020
Wonderful day with excellent knowledgeable instructor. Relaxed pace. Great interaction with Lin and helpers. Lin is very passionate about what she does and shares with clients who she treats as friends. Would definetly recommend this to others.
janúar 2020
我報名的是下午場,超級讚!算是人生裡獨特的經驗!你不會後悔,價格跟她的用心比,覺得虧對她了。這個課程,總共有三個主餐和一道甜點。Lin最讓人感動的是,她設計了23道泰北的料理,讓你可以充分的從這麼長的菜單裡選擇三道。每個人都是同樣的自由選擇,所以她當天都是個別教學作法,是不是真的很佛心? Lin非常的健談風趣,讓英文好或是還好的參加者都能輕鬆的聊天。她隨時都會注意比較安靜的我,讓我覺得有被關注到。唯一Lin不會說中文,所以還是建議英文能簡單交流的朋友唷。 當天她帶我和另外一對美國夫妻到市場採買食物。細心的解說當地特色食材,美國同行者看到殺雞都很不舒服的樣子真有趣。還有機會跟當地菜販互動。之後到了她家,她帶我們去她的花(菜)園,你可以看到許多蔬菜香料都是由她有機的種植。煮飯的廚房設備更是吸引我的眼睛,精心的擺設,還選用蘭納傳統陶鍋料理真的很有感覺。除了料理課,大家分享自己的人生生活,同行的Magan和他的丈夫Andreas都很隨和,還分享大家他們帶來的香檳,在2020年第一天參加這個體驗,非常開心的一天。 我們花了很多時間自己動手切菜、石磨香料,下鍋烹調,對於我平常沒在做菜的真的滿耗體力的,建議要睡飽再去唷!後來我和Magan互相配合做咖喱菜,才能加快速度完成。但也可以說很實在的課程,每道菜都是親自下功夫,不像其他料理課程很多都是半成品。就連最後甜點,都是我們石磨泰國米漿製成。 最後結束後,Lin還送我到飯店,怕我一個女生有危險,她真的像媽媽一樣的關心我們大家。 最後分享我最喜歡的菜,是雞肉咖哩雞蛋麵還有芭蕉葉烤魚。就先到這吧,好話太多了,但我不想透露太多細節和Lin的秘密,等你們自己親身體驗感受。
desember 2019
What an amazing experience! If you are interested in a deep dive into northern Thai, specifically Lanna, cooking and food, I urge you to book a day with Lin. The five of us -- ages ranging from 14 to 70 -- had a remarkable time with Lin and her friendly, supportive crew. We started our day at the market, where Lin's warm relationship with vendors spoke to her deep integrity and generosity. We asked dozens of questions about ingredients while we were there, and even though several of us were quite familiar with SE Asian products, we learned a TON while in the market with her. That alone would have been worth the trip. Then we went to Lin's remarkably well appointed cooking area, which had everything we need to make 15 -- yes, 15! -- different dishes. We all worked at a leisurely pace for hours on end, enjoying cold drinks during pauses here and there and constant interaction with Lin and her team. Everyone could not have been more helpful and friendly during that time. A note about the long day and our particular group. We are all foodies for sure, and most of us are very comfortable in the kitchen; in particular, I have prepared a lot of Thai food from scratch, and have spent lots of happy hours with a mortar and pestle pounding curry pastes. The experience was about serious food preparation, for sure, but was fun and relaxed for us -- exactly what we wanted. I'm certain that Lin's team would support less intense levels of involvement if you aren't as experienced. That said, if you do have a lot of cooking experience -- knife skills in particular will be useful -- then this will be a fun place to use those and gain others. Lin picked up on our go-get-'em attitude right away, so soon she had us doing all sorts of things that the staff would usually do. I will never forget preparing, stuffing, (using a funnel and my bare hands) and cooking the Lanna sausage, a fun project that got kudos from the staff and family. Grilling frogs; prepping pastes; breaking down chickens; grinding fresh rice batter: we did it all! As a result, we ended up spending far more than the planned time with Lin and her team, and the meal we prepared was delicious. You certainly should be careful about the number of dishes you want to prepare -- apparently we broke the record for number of dishes! So if you have a large party, don't take our experience as the goal. Summary: if you want a friendly, thoughtful, fun, and delectable Lanna experience, this is the place for you! And if you're not sure, go for it: it will be a wonderful experience, I promise you! Thank you Lin and everyone for your kindness and care!

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