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Welcome to Av Escape Rentals! Visit our website avescape.com

Snowmobile the best areas in Colorado rabbit ears pass, vail pass, winter park, and more. Take advantage of a truck we have for rent and take the sleds to a place of your choosing. Is it your first time? We can go with you and show you the best spots!

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We have the best snowmobile equipment available and access to the best riding areas in the Rocky Mountains! We have Polaris snowmobiles with multiple track and engine sizes. Learn more at www.avescape.com
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Multiple trail heads. Let us know which one you would like!

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janúar 2022
This experience was nothing less of amazing! Kyler was super helpful and very easy to deal with! I would highly recommend! We were not fortunate to go snowmobiling on our actual scheduled day due to the weather but Kyler and Jason stayed in contact with us on working to reschedule so we could enjoy this beautiful experience. If you’re new to riding snowmobiles that’s no problem here!
janúar 2022
Kyler & Jason were great! Kyler took us on different trails and we also rode freely in some areas. He was very welcoming and got all the angles on our pictures lol. We went into the vail area which was beautiful. Thank you for the experience all the way from Florida. We’ll see you guys again soon.
desember 2021
AV Escape was definitely an experience. I would suggest if booking this experience that you have already driven a snowmobile and feel comfortable with it as it was really just a snowmobile rental. My friend and I went to Vail Pass and had a great time but the instruction was minimal. Luckily we did as they told us beforehand and bought winter gear but we had to as for a helmet and goggles. I have some wilderness experience so I had a backpack with first aid Kit, flashlight, food, water etc... but they did not provide that, walkie-talkies or any flares, nor was there a guide for the trail. Last, on the AirBnb experience page the phone number is Kyler's cell and not the AV Escape business phone number. Jason and Kyler are responsive but it did create a bit of confusion as to which was the best to call. AND, you will be instructed to sign a rental agreement which can be found on their website. All in all, my friend and I made the best of our time and we are grateful for the experience but this is not for the novice rider, like we are.
desember 2021
First off, I would like to note that we did love the experience and the guy we met up with, Jason, was really kind. However, we were not under the impression at any point that we would be alone. We are not from Colorado & have never rode snowmobiles, which we had mentioned. He then showed us how to use the bikes and and where the path was and sent us on our way. So due to not knowing anything, we got ourselves stuck off path for about 2 hours. But Jason found us and got us out! So other than not being guided, we did have a great time and the views were absolutely amazing!
janúar 2022
A fun experience!
desember 2021
If you enjoy riding snowmobiles or want to try it this is a great Experience.

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