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Madríd, Spánn

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Discover authentic Spanish food, alongside a 3.5 hour fun and dynamic explanation of the history of Madrid, stopping at three traditional tapas bars for some delicious wine, beer, sangria with an assortment of tapas such as croquetas, Spanish ham, Manchego cheese, chorizo, tortilla and paella, finishing off with some traditional Castilian after-dinner shots. I will also be delighted to give you recommendations of what to do for the rest of your stay!

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  • Matur
    An assortment of tapas based on cold-cuts, cheese, fish, vegetables, pork a...

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Gestgjafi á Airbnb síðan 2018
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Half American, half Spanish, I have been doing tours for the last 4 years in Madrid sharing our culture and history. Being part of a traditional and local family, I've had the opportunity to know the original and best places of the city. Let me take you for an evening like a local!
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A stroll through the heart of the historical city center of Madrid stopping at some of the most emblematic and historical monuments from the 16th century all the way up to the 20th century: Puerta de Sol, Plaza Mayor, Botin, the oldest standing restaurant in the world, San Miguel Basilica where Dan Brown mentions it in the Da Vinci Code, the Cathedral of Almudena and finishing up at the Royal Palace.

Einkunn 4,89 af 5 í 80 umsögnum.

október 2021
This food tour was the highlight of Madrid. The host, Dan, is really engaging and fun in conversation, shares a lot of stories about life in Madrid, and he has access to restaurants that allow a tourist to see things more quickly than just wandering in on their own off the street. My wife and I really enjoyed the experience. It felt like we are out with a group of friends rather than a tour group of strangers. I highly recommend this tour!
október 2021
Dan is really a nice guy!! I enjoyed the tour in the center of Madrid so much, we went to many places and learned some Spanish history and Spanish food. I love gettin know the culture and know what the locals do for the weekends and places to go. He’s really energetic and humorous, time flies with his tours!!
september 2021
What a great intro to Madrid! Thanks so much for the fun evening, helping to fight our jet lag while we got a feel for the city. We ate great bocadillo de calamares tonight at La Campana as recommended!
júlí 2021
We were a little disappointed with the tour. We took this tour because we wanted to experience the culture and food that each bar and restaurant was know for and to meet vacationers from all over. I don’t feel that was the case. We were the only couple on the tour, I wish they would have given us the option to continue or cancel due to lack of reservations. The conversation was a struggle with just us and out tour guide. The restaurant and selection of tapas was nothing to write home about. 😕 The first restaurant we went to we were told they were know for their fried fish (Cod) and we saw loads of it go out while going to our seats and excited to try some. As they brought our fish it was sent back by our host and told be were to get croquets. That was a great disappointment, the second place was equally disappointing, and our last stop where we had dinner we were hoping and excited to try food that Madrileños eat on a everyday. Again not the case, we had paella and were told the Madrid isn’t known for paella it’s more of a Valencia cuisine, so that was another disappointment. We have taken a tour similar to this in other places and enjoyed it so much the food was amazing and the energy was great. I wish we would have had the authentic cuisine that each establishment was know for and why the locals go there. On a different note our tour guide Pablo was great, his knowledge of the old town and the history he gave us was what we wanted in this tour. Although we have been to Madrid numerous times it was a delight to learn a part of it history. Thank you Pablo for the history lesson.
júlí 2021
Pablo was terrific. It was like walking with a really good friend who just happen to know a lot of really cool things about Madrid and all the great tapas. We had a great night and it was the perfect introduction to Madrid.
júlí 2021
We very much enjoyed this tapas tour. My wife and I, along with another friend couple, took the tour with Pablo. Pablo was very knowledgeable and friendly. The food on the stops was very good and Pablo gave us a lot of history. We especially enjoyed the last stop on the tour with a great paella and gazpacho.

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