Woodturning A Small Project

Pleasant Grove, Utah, Bandaríkin

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I'm going to help you take a rough and ugly piece of wood into a smooth and beautiful creation in one session. Guiding you through using a variety of tools to shape and carve, revealing a piece that only you could make.

You can choose one of three projects: a small snack bowl, a magic wand, or a ring holder.

You don't need to have ever used a powertool before. I'll be right there every step of the way to help you feel comfortable and have the best experience possible.

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    Do NOT wear long sleeved shirts or items with strings or frills. Please wea...

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Gestgjafi á Airbnb síðan 2016
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I've taught dozens of people woodturning over the years. I've found simple ways of explaining that allow people to jump right in safely and make something amazing their very first time. I really enjoy the one-on-one experience, teaching and continually learning myself.
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Frá $60 á mann

$60 á mann
$60 á mann
$60 á mann


This takes place in my woodshop, right at the lathe. This is situated among my tools, giving you the full experience.

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nóvember 2021
Wow!! This is a lot of fun! Matthew is such a great teacher actually discussing wood fibers and how to make the best cut. Understanding the equipment made a lot of sense to us. He was patient and kind as he taught, keeping safety always in mind. I “wood” recommend this 100%.
október 2021
Matt was so fun to learn from! He helped me understand some basic skills that I can take and practice on my own. Absolutely recommend taking a session with him either as a one off or the first of many. I cannot wait to visit him again!
október 2021
I surprised my husband with this experience for our 10th anniversary and it truly was one of the best gifts ever! Matthew is so patient and kind and super funny! He is an exceptional teacher and he makes learning comfortable and fun. We recommend this experience like 1000% to everyone.
september 2021
Excellent class. Matthew was a great instructor. He was very knowledgeable and really showed detail to making sure the class was personable and tailored to each person. Great experience!
september 2021
Wonderful experience, highly recommend. Matt was so helpful and patient. It was so fun to get our hands dirty and do a different activity than our usual date nights. We are planning on going back again at some point!
september 2021
Amazing experience, I think Mathew unleashed the craftsman inside me. Mathew has great knowledge and expertise and he cares about your safety and helps you guide your creativity while teaching the basics on using tools and equipment. I will foot again for sure.

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