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We will explore the best spots that are in the resort and pick the perfect spots to take photos. During this photoshoot, I will guide you through the resort, pointing out things you may have missed along the way. You will also learn a bit about the history of Myrtle Beach during the photoshoot, while I am taking pictures of you and your loved ones. I will then edit them and you will have them in 24hours.

You will receive 20-30 personalized photos—a unique souvenir of your time in Myrtle Beach.

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Hi traveler,
I am Chad Bryant. I am a professional photographer specialized in vacation photography. I have been doing vacation photography for tourists who visit Myrtle Beach for more than 2 years.
I'm very happy to capture your best moment during your trip to Myrtle Beach. I have captured many clients during these last two years.

If you are looking for a photographer while taking you to the best spot during your vacation, book my experience. I will show you the best spots that are close to your resort you are staying at!
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Resorts in Myrtle Beach have lots of beautiful places to take beautiful photos. I will conduct this tour at Beach Cove Resort. I will introduce you to the beautiful resort and show you my favorite places to take photos. Please wear comfortable shoes to walk around your resort while we take photos and I teach you the history of Myrtle Beach. You are welcome to bring extra clothes or bathing suits if you would like photos of you in the water.

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desember 2021
Pictures were delivered within an our or two, which was nice. We did receive a ton of pictures but I feel many were the same photo with different color or lighting effects. Overall we were pleased with the experience but it seemed pretty staged. Like, some of the pictures he took of my children seemed more appropriate for newlyweds. If I would've known, I would have spoke up and requested more candidate shots. They were all pretty posed but it's my fault for not being more specific in what I wanted, I am sure that he would have been accommodating. I would recommend.
október 2021
I was looking for a photographer for a suprise engagement on the beach and had to book last minute on our trip. These guys went above and beyond expectations and just from the photos on the camera I can tell its going to be amazing! I would definitely use again in the myrtle beach area!
september 2021
My wife and I came to Myrtle Beach for our honeymoon. To capture the time and memories here we looked for a profeesional photogapher. Thats how we found Chad. The experience with Chad was amazing. He made the photoshoot flow so easily. He helped make my wife and myself feel very at ease and comfortable. He told us we would take 600-700 photos. By the end we had over 1100!! That was in 1 hour. Although we havent recieved our photos yet, I am confident they will turn out better than we are expecting.
september 2021
After rescheduling a couple times because of weather, it was well worth the wait! Can’t wait to receive the pictures! Great time, Great location and knew exactly what poses worked for us. When I come back definitely contacting again for another photo shoot.
maí 2021
This was by far the best experience I’ve had taking pictures super personable and friendly and gave us a lot of options to choose from ! I recommend anyone wanting pictures in the Myrtle Beach area or visiting to book a quick easy photo shoot !
maí 2021
Chad did a great job making my husband smile. We had great conversation and he was a great photographer. Can't wait to get our photos

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