Make Aleppo Soap With a Local Artisan

Amman, Jórdanía

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Meet your hosts, Lara & Maya and begin the experience. Mix the Ghar leaves with carbonates. Then boil the Shea, Coconut & Olive oil. Mix all and stir. Pour into mold. Enjoy the aromas and the textures of all the ingredients.
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Bring a camera to document this centuries-old process

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Um Karim, Maya, is an Damascus native and had a handicrafts shop in Syria before shutting down because of the war. She joined and co-founded Syrian Jasmine in 2014.
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The Jasmine Center is a women's co-op supports 30 women at home and 10 in the center. It's spacious, colorful and a naturally lit space.

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júlí 2021
I really recommend you to add this experience to your stay in Amman. Lara, her mum and sister are lovely persons that explain you how to add the ingredients in the soap making process by your own, so that you actually can make it later on your very own at home too. Further, you can buy at their place all kinds of hand made soaps as well as hand made crochets which helps Syrian refugees who now live in Amman. All together a nice event with nice conversations whilst the soap was cooling down. This event seems to me to be wheelchair accessible (elevator/entry through garage is without stairs). Nearby the Abdadi Mall can be easily reached per Taxi/Uber in some minutes in order to complete the day with shopping :) Colles Event, dass ich wirklich empfehlen kann. Man fühlt sich auch als allein-Reisende Frau gut aufgehoben und hat viel Spaß. Je vous conseil d'ajouter ce évènement à votre trip à Amman!
mars 2021
Amazing experience. It was great to meet Lara and Hansa and listen to their story of restarting in Jordan. Jasmine has a wonderful and heart-warming mission to empower women! Highly recommend this experience!
september 2020
This was a great experience. I always wanted to make soap but felt it may not be safe to handle the chemical on my own nor did I wave all the equipment. Lara and her lovely mother were so kind and helpful. After trials and errors, they have deep expertise of what makes a good soap. And i have a high respect for initiatives like Jasmine which encourages women to work with their hands and have an opportunity for income generation and community. Highly recommendable!
ágúst 2020
Together with friends I took part in Lara's Aleppo Soap Making Workshop. It was a wonderful experience and we all had a lot of fun. We felt very welcomed by Lara and the other women of the cooperative. We did learn a lot as well! Lara had an answer to all our questions and even gave us advises where to buy the ingredients to make soap ourselves in the future. We can highly recommend this workshop and are sure others will have as much fun as we did!
mars 2020
Cetait un moment incroyable ! Jai tout adoré ! Je me suis perdue dans Amman et jai eu beaucoup de retard dont je m'excuse une nouvelle fois et Lara et ses amies m ont quand même accueillie les bras ouverts ! Jetais seule avec 4 merveilleuses dames pour m'expliquer et m'aider dans la préparation de mon propre savon. Mon anglais est très mauvais et pourtant elles se sont démenés pour que je comprenne bien tout ! Jai pu noter la recette pour la refaire une nouvelle fois en France et ai acheté plein de produits (gommages, huiles,..) a ramener en France ! Je recommande à 100% je suis ravie de ce merveilleux souvenir
febrúar 2020
Really lovely experience to learn how to make soap with an incredible woman, Lara, and her female-empowering social enterprise. Look forward to using my soap!

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